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Tribute to Joel

By Katie Ammon

Teacher, fellow seeker, mantra man

Joel was one of us as per plan.

We’re the ‘walking wounded’ living here,

In sorrow pain, doubt and fear.

Joel was jovial full of fun,

Always kind to everyone.

Sometimes quiet, guarding his heart,

Unable to expose that innermost part.

We all watched him grow day by day.

But time passed quickly and slipped away.

He became quiet, somber, something was off.

He seemed unwell with a constant cough.

We soon learned his life would be ending.

His body was too impaired to do any mending.

I saw him last at the hospice place.

The light of his spirit filling his face.

His heart had opened and was filled of light.

His eyes were clear and shining bright.

From the illness, his physical life was draining

The connection to the Earth was slowly waning.

I don’t know why it had to be,

But soon his spirit was set free.

Now he’s a star shining from above,

Sending us light and universal love.

We all know this is not the end.

Hope to meet you again dear, friend.

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