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Poetry Corner

Conscious Community Newsletter is starting a new feature:

In each newsletter we will feature local poetry and also someone’s favorite poem by a published author and why it is their favorite.

This issue we are featuring a poem by “Patience Strong”. When I was in my early teens the father/son that had rented my Grandmother’s basement-house moved and left a small pamphlet of poetry by this woman. Years later I learned that it was a pen name of a British woman – Winifred Emma May – who wrote poetry from the 1930’s to 1990. She also had more than 100 published songs to her credit and several books. To me her poetry shows the beauty of nature and inner strength.   Submitted by Pamela Brann.

The Awakening

By Patience Strong

Death is not a sleep, but an awakening to Life.

Casting off the dreams of darkness, sorrow, sin and strife-

the soul arising greets the glory of the morning ray-

faring forth into the promise of the golden day.

At the gate that swings between this world and worlds above-stands

the Angel of God’s mercy with the lamp of love.

Fear not for the spirit that has passed into the night.

Death is not sleep, but an awakening to Light.

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