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Responses to article on Suck It Up from last newsletter:

By Julie Dieterle

As I pointed out in the recommended breath work– it was meant to engage body structures and to emphasize how little or how much of our available system we use, and what benefits might be gained from utilizing more. One friend and colleague pointed out—if you have asthma or perhaps other pathologies that limit oxygen intake this might not be the best exercise to employ. When fighting for air, we might instead relax and effortlessly allow breath in, and slow down the process, and breathe through the nose. This seems to also assure the body that it has enough oxygen and the body does not have to “fight for” breath. It really does take some experimentation and discernment on our part for what is right for you.

I would also like to share resources from Lucis Trust and The Theosophic Society websites as well as Livestrong.com. These sites have ideas about prana or breath work for enhancing our senses of hearing, sight, etc. I also checked out whether we get oxygen through the skin. Best information is that the skin level does get oxygen in some part from the environment – perhaps 50% of it’s source is from the environment but little is carried to the rest of the body. Myth busters checked out the idea of covering the skin in gold paint and did not get death—apparently the more concerning part of that coating is overheating as we are eliminating the body’s way of moderating body temperature through sweat glands.

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