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By Frank Conerton

Our everyday life is spent in the material world of three dimensions: height, width, depth. With our memory we see changes regularly occur, which we perceive as time. Without examination, we can easily adopt a belief that the world is matter; inanimate, separate, unchanging except through natural laws. If we do start to question the world, some big questions come up.  What is life and mind? How did they develop from the cooling rock of the planet? Where did humans with their self-awareness and free will come from?

Ideas about human development include alien colonization or cosmic seeding by meteorites or a pure accident. Another common idea is the special act of creation by a Supreme Being.  There is another alternative. We can reframe the basic premise of our world view. Instead of our world being inanimate matter, we can adopt the idea that energy and consciousness are the basis of the world.

It is general knowledge that all material things are made up of atoms. Atoms in turn are made up of smaller particles such as quarks. Quarks can be described as packets of organized energy. The organization is called spin. This is accepted science. So instead of just experiencing a material world, we can use our intelligence and realize that matter is organized energy. Our world is made of consciousness (to do the organizing) and energy.

Mathematical models are created to understand the universe. Some of these models work better with far more dimensions than the usual four. I have seen articles that suggest seven or eleven or even many more dimensions possibly exist and are simply unknown to us. I am going to appropriate this idea and name some new dimensions to suggest a different view of the world. I am not claiming this is science. Rather it is an idea to play with to see if it can make life better for you.

Spirit is considered the source of life. Mind is the source of our awareness. Matter is built of organized energy.  Let’s consider Spirit, Mind and Energy as three more dimensions to our world. Our world then has the apparent three dimensions which we all see with our senses and time, the progression of change. Our world is also Spirit, Mind and Energy. Using this idea, the questions of life and mind are not much of a problem at all. Life and mind are inherent dimensions of our universe. Energy is the “ether” through which all else manifests. We humans are as integral, as much an outgrowth of the universe, as the stars and moons. Our consciousness is as natural an expression of human life as flight is to birds.

Accepting spirit, mind and energy as dimensions of the world could change our lives. We could start to think that Earth is our human heaven. We are responsible to either accept or change those things that upset us, rather than blaming some god or devil or some outside force. Accepting spirit, mind and energy as dimensions of the world means that we have barely scratched the surface of our reality. What is life? What are mind, consciousness and awareness? How is energy organized into matter? These questions move into the human realm rather than being unknowable province of some superior being.

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