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Are We All One or Is That Just an Idealistic Concept?

By Arline Rowden

As you have explored spirituality, you may have heard of the concept that we are all One. But is that just a sentimental or idealistic concept or could it be true on an energy and spiritual level? We will explore this concept, so that you can understand why many people believe this is true.

Are we more than a physical body that we can see and touch? If so, what else are we as human and spiritual beings? We will explore the concept of consciousness as the primary connecting substance. Also, we will explore the etheric, emotional and mental energy bodies; the Universal Mind; the Astral Plane; the Divine Soul/Higher Self and God/One Life, etc. as far as how we might be connected at these different levels.

In the scientific field, they state that all matter (whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form) is made up of atoms. In the Ageless Wisdom studies, deva is the ancient term which has been used for what we now call the atom. From an energy and spiritual perspective, we state that devas are units of consciousness. On the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels we are made up of particles of consciousness. We recognize that there are varying levels of consciousness in humans, animals, plants and minerals. Since they are made up of deva particles, therefore, we recognize that devas have various levels of consciousness. It is interesting how science has been discovering theories that have been believed for a long time by individuals who study energy and spirituality.

The etheric body could be considered the framework for the dense physical body. There are energy meridians and chakras (energy centers) which carry life force energy to the dense physical body. Acupuncturists and acupressure practitioners work through the dense physical body to the etheric body to attempt to release energy blockages. When energy blockages are released then the life force energy can once again flow more freely to the affected area of the physical body. There are other ways to release blockages, such as Reiki, Process Acupressure, etc.

Some people can see the etheric body aura, also called the health aura, as a whitish blue light around the dense physical body. It doesn’t extend very far from the body, probably less than one inch beyond the physical body. You can search for the Alex Grey painting called Psychic Energy System or Etheric Body. (Since there are paintings of nudes on his website please don’t look at this on your work or school computer.) As you look at the painting notice the lines outside of the physical body. These lines form webbing called the etheric web. This etheric web is around everything that exists here on the earth, including the earth, and that’s how we are connected on the etheric level.

When we talk about ourselves from an energy standpoint, we say we have an emotional body. This emotional body is an energy body that exists within and around each person. Our emotional bodies are connected to each other and everything in our environment in what we call the Astral Plane. Some people can sense astral energies through psychic abilities. But most people can use their feeling senses to notice their own emotions and the emotions of others nearby.

How do you sense your feelings? How do you know how you feel about your experiences and about other people? Take a moment now to close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths in and out to relax your body. Then begin to notice any physical sensations or feelings in your body. Notice any thoughts that come up, too. Perhaps start by focusing your awareness on your feet and toes. What do you notice? Then shift your awareness slowly up your entire body, just noticing what you find. When you come back from this experience take a few minutes to write down what you noticed. You might want to do this process each day.

As your mind recognizes feelings in the body they become emotions. Feelings and sensations in the body are energy messages waiting for the mind to realize or recognize them and decide how to handle the information from the body. Emotional awareness is important to our health on every level. Suppressing our emotions creates health issues. In the emotional nature work that I’ve been studying, they say that 85% of our health issues are due to unresolved emotions.

Think about a time when you were around other people and you felt like you just knew how they were feeling. Many people can tune in to other people’s emotional energy. Actually, anyone can do that. Sometimes we are so in tune with the emotions of others that we actually experience their emotions ourselves. This happens because our emotional energy bodies are connected to others when we are physically close to them or at a distance because we are connected to each other and everything through the earth’s emotional body, the astral plane.

I invite you to close your eyes and relax and then think of someone that you know and see what you sense about that person and notice how you feel when you think of them. Then let go of your awareness of that person and think of another person. Notice what you sense about that person and how you feel when you think of them. Now let go of your awareness of the second person and come back from the experience. By doing this you can tune in to the energy of another person and notice how you feel about them. Everyone has an energy signature, if you will, that we can tune into if we take the time to practice doing this. Take a couple of minutes to write down what you noticed about the first person and then about the second person and how you felt when you thought of each person.

Our mental energy bodies would appear like a grid-work of intersecting lines of light if we could see it around ourselves and others. Our mental body grid-work connects with what is called the Universal Mind. We could think of it as the Mind of the Divine. We might want to consider the idea that we can receive inspiring ideas from the Universal Mind. You might want to search for the Alex Grey painting called Theologue. If so, notice the flames on the painting which represent mental fire. Also, notice the mountains in the picture, often the idea of going up to the mountains is used to represent connecting with the higher mind for inspiration.

On the spiritual level, we could consider the idea that we have a spark of consciousness within each of us which is the Light of the Divine. In meditation, contemplation, prayer, etc. we can begin to sense that spark within. When we go within and discover that spark we might begin to experience a desire for a greater connection and more Light within. Over time as we continue to connect, more Light does flow into us and we can begin to shine that Light into the world. Shining our Light can help others who haven’t started to bring in more Light on their own yet to experience the Light and to begin to desire more connection to the Light within.

As I considered the idea of oneness, I thought of a poster that I’ve had for a long time with part of a speech by Chief Seattle. I wanted to share part of the speech with you.

“Teach your children what we have taught our children –

that the earth is our mother.

Whatever befalls the earth befalls the

sons and daughters of the earth.

This we know. The earth does not belong to us;

we belong to the earth.

This we know. All things are connected –

like the blood which unites one family.

All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the earth befalls the

sons and daughters of the earth.

We did not weave the web of life;

we are merely a strand in it.

Whatever we do to the web,

we do to ourselves …” Chief Seattle

So how can considering that we are all one be a practical idea? How can it help us each day? We may want to make the world a better place to live for ourselves and others. Some people put so much effort into improving the world that they become exhausted. Or some people feel overwhelmed by it all and won’t even try to work towards making the world a better place because they don’t believe one person can really make a difference. Perhaps if we realize that what each of us does affects everyone, since we’re all connected, then we may feel more inspired and less discouraged by the condition of the world. So I invite you to ponder these thoughts and do some writing about how this information has affected your thinking and outlook on life.

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