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Cracking the Egg

By Katie Ammon

For the past several months we have been studying “The Game of Life” at Earthsong. The question keeps coming up-if life is really a game. I think it is. One, that we, with inspiration from the Divine mind, invented, to play in and learn from the third dimension. To play, we step on the wheel of life and spiral upwards on the time line for a few cycles and then step off for awhile. I think it was supposed to be fun but somehow, we lost sight of the bigger picture. Each of us were destined to become a colorful part of the whole tapestry or picture of life. We became caught up in the game and focused on our separateness. Soon we began to feel small, powerless, insignificant, alone, abandoned and fearful and in pain.

We began to take ourselves so seriously, we even forgot where we came from and who we are. When we were young and innocent, the game was about enjoying ourselves, creating, learning and growing in our life experience. As we began to mature, the game seems to have become about survival, competition, and attaining as many material goods as we can with a blatant disregard for the consequences on others or the natural environment. At this time, our learning and growth seem to come more from a wounding of the mind, body and/or emotions than creating a joyful life.

A wise person once explained to me that until our energy field is disrupted by a wound, we tend to stay in our own self-centered, self-involved, egocentric world or encapsulated in our aural egg. First, to understand this, we need to know what our aural egg is. It is part of all our physical bodies. Our bodies are made up of atoms that form molecules which make up the various parts of the body. Our atoms have electrons revolving around the center/nucleus of the atoms. Our electrons travel far out into the environment, are in constant motion, give off an electrical charge and interact and/or exchange with other electrons. Our electron’s electrical’ charges form an egg-shaped energy field around our bodies and this is called the aural egg. In some cases, the aura can be seen by the human eye, and it has been recorded by MRIs (magnetic resonance imagery) by medical science and Kirilian photography.

Our auras interact with the environment and the electrical fields of all life on the planet as the electrons move in and out and interchange with other electrons. Some things clog up our energy fields and others, like water, the natural environment or trees, cleanse our auric fields. When we are wounded, our energy field becomes disrupted. A physical injury like a fractured bone will cause our atoms to be moved away from their normal pattern and the electrons will follow suit. Like a broken egg, we leak energy. Physical, as well as emotional wounds like sadness, fear, anxiety, etc. will stimulate our bodies to release adrenaline and other chemical messengers so our bodies will respond to danger and/or emotions. These responses can both change our electron’s normal patterns and be recorded by MRIs and Kirilian photography.

Whenever we are wounded, the wound is processed on a mental, emotional and physical level. At first, our bodies respond automatically by withdrawal, immobility or protection, without any mental input. After that impulse, our physical bodies, with their own intelligence, immediately use the mechanisms designed to protect, cleanse, repair and rebuild themselves with no direction from our minds. However, on an emotional level our bodies draw inwards inside the shell or egg to wait for the mind to process the incoming data. Often our emotions need to become calmer before our minds can process the pain. Each of us processes pain in our own time and ways. Only when pain is accepted as a learning experience in our life, can our minds weave it into the tapestry of our lives and use it as a corner stone to build on.

If our pain is held onto, it will hold us inert, unable to go forward, draining us of our vigor. If we don’t use our wounds as a place to grow and learn from, they can become toxic to us and those around us. This may cause our physical and mental health to break down as even medical science is now beginning to recognize that negative emotions and thoughts affects us adversely.

Hopefully, we can start seeing our wounds in a new light, as challenges and opportunities for growth rather than letting them become reasons to withdraw into bitterness and anger. We always have the choice of letting our experiences expand our lives or closing ourselves down to life. Either way we will always learn something from our wounding, by being “cracked” open.

Personally, I am not sure if wounding is always necessary for growth. I wonder if it is time to let go of those old thoughts about wounding, as the energy of the planet seems to be changing. Perhaps, we are evolving into wiser beings and can grow by motivating ourselves to try something new every day. No one is really sure what the change is about, whether it is the solar systems moving into the Aquarian star system with an increase in starlight activating our brains, or a big leap in evolution. Whatever is happening, I think it is time for us to reinvent the game. We can change the game of life (Little Inspiration For Expression) into code (Creation Of Divine Expression).

Since we are part of the divine source of all life, we do have that ability to create our life with our thoughts and actions. So how about setting our goal for this new game as becoming a better people with more compassion, understanding and serenity in our life than when we started playing?

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