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Curtain Call©

By Mary Summerbell

Lacey curtains frame the flurried dance

of swirling flakes and swaying branches.

Kitchen window; front row seat – mine to see

delightful drama of changing seasons.

Twirling petticoat of snow

showing in an unexpected wind

Gives a playful, final glimpse

of winter’s icy beauty.

And even though I hate the cold,

and always have –

Now gratefully warm in the heart of my home,

I linger for an almost sentimental moment

At this last act, the closing show,

ever-poignant final bow. It’s time to go…

As, in the wings, precocious Spring –

overdue to bud and bloom –

impatient, amused, awaits her cue.

Poised in the pause, honoring Mother

Nature’s whim – we applaud, in awe of it.

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