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By Katie Ammon

When I close my eyes at end of day,
That is when the visions come out to play.

Sleeping deeply under moonlight’s glow,
When I sleep, where do I go?

I dream of times past and having fun.
And other ages when I walked in the sun.

This world is more than what I see,
Journey along and come with me.

Where I go cannot be discerned,
But ancient secrets might be learned.

I will travel down the river Styx,
While Anubis laughs and plays his tricks.

I’ll leave the sun god far behind.
As I enter the darkness what will I find?

I see a phoenix getting ready to fly.
Soon I am on his back going way up high.

Leaning over and glancing down.
I see a structure amid a town.

I’ve suddenly landed and entered a door.
This place has symbols and scrolls galore.

After hours of study and intense reading,
I find this place is slowly receding.

Then I am by the ocean on a snow-white beach,
And I pick up all the shells I can reach.

I am comforted as the tide roars in,
But then the images starts to thin.

I am in city traffic driving with care,
Not sure where I’m going just headed somewhere.

I try to keep focused in a car full of friends,
Just as it started the dream quickly ends.

The sun penetrates my eyes with early morning light.
And all of my dreams have been lost in the night.

And I wonder, when I sleep, where do I go?
What do those dreams mean? Does anyone know?

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