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Focusing Awareness

By Frank Conerton

I had a toy radio when I was a kid. It did not use a battery or electricity, but was a simple tuning circuit. When I attached one wire to a ground, and adjusted the antenna, the circuit resonated with a radio signal and I could listen to the program in an ear piece. The only energy was provided by the radio station. Usually I could only get a local station, but if the weather was right, I could listen to WLS, a very powerful radio station in Chicago. This fascinated me. This simple devise used the energy in the radio waves themselves. Simply by resonating with the signal, I could hear a program.

I’ve heard mind researchers speak about the human brain as being a receiver, just like a radio. When we focus our attention on some “frequency”, it resonates with that level of awareness and we experience that program. Unlike my little toy radio, though, our brain receiver has a range of “stations” that we can tune into.

Most obviously we can tune into the material world around us and sense all that is going on. Also we can focus our attention in our mind and can imagine or remember or think about anything and see that image. We can focus our attention on our material body and feel all of the sensations, or we can tune into our emotional level and feel everything from depression to ecstasy. In meditation, we can tune into the Mind or Spirit. There is also another station, though this one for entropy or deconstruction. This station is tuned in to play deep depression and addictions, anti-life. Some people can also tune into the Etheric station. One possible example of a list of stations we might receive is: Spirit, Mind, Etheric, Ego (Memory, imagination, Logical), Emotional, Energetic, Material and Deconstruction.

Our receiver seems to have an automatic “scanner” in operation. If we suddenly feel a pain, our focus of attention immediately goes to the body sensation. If we see a car barreling right towards us, we are immediately involved. Pictures of beautiful people, especially when they are almost naked, automatically grab attention. A piercing scream grabs attention automatically. But sometimes we choose a station; we “focus our attention.”

When we meditate, we are focusing our attention on the “Spirit” world. A common distraction occurs when our attention wanders away to imagination or memory or body sensation. Part of the practice of meditation is to return our focus to “Spirit”.

We are focusing our attention anytime that we concentrate on a task, especially when we lose track of time or ourselves while doing the task. This also shows that there is a depth of focus. We probably have all had experiences when we lose awareness of our surroundings when watching a riveting movie or show, or maybe float away on sound listening to a beautiful piece of music.

We all have the ability to focus our attention, just like tuning a radio circuit to resonate with a station. The interesting thing is what would change in our life if we became more skilled with this focus? Could we find new levels of our awareness simply by looking? Could we expand our ideas about life using this skill? Can we improve our focus simply by consciously using it?

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