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Thinking with the Heart is in Our Future

By Doris Diets

It has long been predicted that the new age – the Age of Aquarius – would usher in a sudden leap in human consciousness.

Humanity has had time to marinate in this new energy since 2012. If we look closely, it’s possible to see how this evolution is starting to express itself.

In my study of metaphysics, there is much discussion and excitement over how this leap in consciousness might affect humanity and the types of changes we can expect to see in ourselves and the world around us as this event unfolds.

Based on the teachings I’ve studied, it’s likened to the leap that occurred when humans first discovered fire and became self-aware. Huge advances occurred in a short time given the history of humanity up to that point.

Humans are now expected to embark on another such journey. But rather than affecting our physical and material evolution, it is expected to unveil an “inner” awareness we didn’t know existed. Some call this shift “the awakening of the intelligence of the human heart.” Yes, you read that right. The wisdom of the heart is not a cliché. It’s a considered a real thing.

In many traditions, the physical heart is believed to be the seat of a higher consciousness. Most of us have seen the sacred heart images in Christian based religions. In these images the human heart is literally ablaze with light and flames.

What’s interesting is that this flame of divine consciousness seems to have a physical component that we can relate to. The human heart not only pumps blood (life force), it also heats it up, which keeps the body at a toasty 98.6 degrees.

Metaphysically, it’s believed that this divine spark is our internal, self generating heat source for the body. And now that spark is planning to wake up to improve humanity’s experience here on planet Earth.

The great thing about this awakening is that the heart doesn’t “speak,” it feels. So we can all expect to feel more strongly or deeply about things. There will be a richness and genuine quality to our feelings as we shift into this new awareness.

Heartfelt sensations should not be confused with emotions, which are typically fear-based. The sensations of the heart offer a higher quality of feelings, such as sincerity, warmth, caring, inspiration, goodwill, humor, generosity and sharing.

Eventually, we will learn how to use the intelligence of the heart to guide our decision-making process rather than relying on the tangled logic of the brain, which can only guess at things and is often fooled or misled.

The intelligence of the heart has the ability to know and sense what is real. The big shift here is learning how to “think” from the heart instead of the head.

Yes, we are in the early stages of this new evolution, but if we look closely it is possible to detect how these new energies are beginning to shape our future.

The changes that our current political system is undergoing reflects how this energy is manifesting.

As we approach the upcoming presidential elections, it’s clear people are tired of the usual rhetoric and sound bites that have driven (and won) elections in the past.

It’s the candidates who are speaking their minds that are getting the support and attention of the public. The old tactics aren’t getting any traction.

Candidates like Bernie Sanders were never given a second look in the past. When he speaks, he is passionate and heartfelt. People are no longer frightened by the terms “socialist” or “liberal.”

We’ve also never seen a presidential candidate speak their opinions like Donald Trump and get the kind of support he’s getting. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks, and people are responding.

Our political system is changing. More countries than ever are joining the global efforts to reduce air pollution and provide clean water, which improves the quality of life for everyone.

These examples are evidence of how the energy will manifest. Evolution does take time, but it’s not so long away that we’ll miss it. Look for the changes that are happening and be a witness to the positive changes. Take time to enjoy this journey.

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