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Keepers of The Light

By Pamela Brann

On a recent trip our Esoteric Traveling group made to the Virginia area we toured the Virginia State Capital and had the privilege of watching a really great video “Keepers of the Flame” that used excerpts from the poem “Light the Soul” by John Charles Thomas.

We learned cool stuff we didn’t remember or learn in our history classes. Did you know that the American Bill of Rights was based on the Virginia Bill of Rights and that the Virginia Commonwealth was the cradle of the great American experience? All other colonies would follow Virginia’s practice of representative government of, by and for the people. They also had the first state house built after the Revolutionary War, designed by Thomas Jefferson, with other states designing their capitals after the model. Jefferson also wrote the Virginia’s Statute for Religious Freedom.

Virginia is proud to trace its practices and procedures back to Virginia born presidents who established a firm foundation for our young nation. Four out of the first five presidents were from Virginia plus four more in later years.

I used to be patriotic when I was young and was appalled when my Grandmother wasn’t interested in voting. Since then I’ve become indifferent, but I believe I’ve had past lives where I gave all for our young country where the “Give me liberty or give me death” would have been my motto. Now it is “Let me live to carry on the torch of Light and Liberty, the Keeper of the Flame.”

The words of this poem are moving but go to the link for the “Keepers of the Flame” video and watch it on the largest electronic device you have for the full impact. You tube “Keepers of the Flame” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RtndAxko74




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