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Are We on the Brink of a Modern Day Armageddon?

By Doris Deits

With all the chaos and upheaval we are seeing on the news, some people are questioning if we are on the brink of a modern day Armageddon.

I have to agree that energetically, it certainly feels like all hell is breaking loose and pandemonium is about to be unleashed. These subtle feelings of unrest appear to be rippling through everyone’s energy field. But unlike the Armageddon written about in the Book of Revelations, the end is not near.

I believe these events are helping our country to deepen its understanding of conflict and compromise.

Our nation is in a place that it has never been before and we are teetering on the edge of some potentially big changes.

Racial issues and police shootings are intense social issues that have culminated to the point that action must be taken to improve our situation. But there is much disagreement on what changes to make.

The political landscape is also rocking a lot of boats. Never before have we seen such a clear division of viewpoints between candidates. It seems that supporters of both sides feel it will be the ‘end’ if the opposing candidate wins the election.

It appears that some people want to come together and find ways to move forward with positive change. While others want to go back in time in search of an illusionary golden era.

These conflicts are creating division between people. Not surprisingly, people are feeling a bit destabilized and even fearful for what our future might hold.

Everyone’s thinking, “What if my side/cause loses?” Most people feel that losing means we will be enslaved into the opposing camp’s way of doing things like in medieval times – to the winner goes the spoils! No wonder people are freaking out.

I like to think we are being challenged to restructure our ideas around winners, losers and competition. The winner takes all ideology is quickly becoming a dinosaur. In its place we may see the round table idea of equalization, where all have input into the situation.

Conflicts are inevitable. Compromise is how we solve conflicts. Two or more opposing viewpoints or opinions coming together and hashing out a plan where everybody gets something, but not everything, they want. This is our future.

The planet is and has been for several years, experiencing an influx of potent energies that carry a positive charge. This positive charged energy is not easy to integrate because it stimulates negativity within the human form. This cycle is what’s necessary for change to occur, giving us an opportunity for growth.

This creates a weird healing process because the stimulation no longer allows us to ignore the overly negative expressions in our society and forces us to deal with it.

This is also happening to people on a personal level. I find myself getting swept up in agitation and quick anger.

On one hand this is a good thing, as I am forced to confront deeper and deeper levels of my own negative attitudes. On the other hand I am easily pulled into negative thinking and getting worked up over things like politics and social issues. This only adds more negative energy into the system.

In order to not get pulled into negative thought, we can all find things – positive things – to focus our energy on. It doesn’t improve anything to only focus on what’s wrong. Focus on something positive and add your thoughts or energy to that thing.

Many people are taking positive action, like giving gratitude to local police and firemen by bringing a plate of cookies or sending a note card.

Others are using mantras or positive statements several times a day to keep their mind’s energy flowing towards something positive. Posting good wishes and comments on Facebook is another way to add sparkle. Everything we do is meaningful.

As we move forward into the difficult issues ahead we can, as individuals and as a nation, make the transition with more ease and grace by adding our energy to progressive goals and making the effort to embrace an attitude of compromise when conflict arises.

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