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Prayer Mantras

By Mary Summerbell

I am sharing with you these prayer mantras I created that I use for daily meditation and spiritual connection.

On Awakening
Thank You for this day
and all the opportunities it offers me
to live, and learn, and love, and grow.


Spiritual Surrender
I trust you, Soul, to know my way –
to love, and help, and heal, and guide me
night and day.


Holy Family Invocation
Divine Mother, I love you. I need you.
Please help me be a balanced, healthy expression of you.
Mama, please – nourish, encourage and comfort me
as you nourish, encourage and comfort us all.

Nourish. Encourage. Comfort.
Thank You.
Divine Father, I love you. I need you.
Please help me be a healthy, balanced expression of you.
Papa, please – protect, provide for and guide me
as you protect, provide for and guide us all.
Protect. Provide for. Guide.
Thank You.
Divine Child, I love you. I need you.
I am a radiant expression of you.
Please – surprise, delight and inspire me
as you surprise, delight and inspire us all.
Surprise. Delight. Inspire.
Thank You.
Mother, please nurture us. Father, please structure us.
Holy Child, please delightfully inspire us.
Keep us always in the awe and wonder of curiosity
as we support and sustain each other on our way.


Virtuous Intention
I set myself for – gratitude, balance, trust –
health, happiness, freedom –
wisdom, serenity, acceptance –
intelligent compassion, patience and persistence.

I set myself for – strength, discipline, humility –
purpose, focus, motivation –
grace, fun, ease – love, joy and peace.

I ask for help in my goals of self-mastery,
inner order and outer order.
I ask for personal, individual and universal
peace, harmony and love.

Please help us all overcome our inner and outer
obstacles and grow and evolve
through our ongoing challenges.

I ask for the soothing of all pain and sorrow and healing ease of grief.

For the greatest good of all, and with harm to none
please help us on our way.


World Community Unity
I ask this day for awakening and healing grace for all,
and for increased understanding, compassion,
communication and cooperation among us,
especially our leaders, healers, parents,
teachers and artists worldwide,
including President and Michelle Obama,

and all our personal, local, state, national
and international leaders working together for a world
where we are all free and all our needs are met
in a perfect, universal health care – education system.

Please keep us all from negativity
especially protecting the children, the innocent, the weak and the Energy – Light Workers.

Please increase the awareness
of parents and society to be responsible for giving our children loving care.

Please open and inspire the
hearts and minds of those with the most resources
for the greatest good
and help us all use our resources most wisely.

Please keep the Violet Light shining to
renew and connect all life for all time.

Thank you.


These words have become a great comfort to
me and a great help to start my days right. I don’t say them
all every day, and they change as I do, by mood and
inspiration, evolving along with me. I omit or shorten them
selectively, by daily priority, if time is short, and/or say them
on my way throughout the day. I enjoy it and feel it brings
good things to life in this world.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here for daily devotion. These invocations are meant to be flexible, easily adapted to any belief system by making personal changes – calling on the Divine by any name or names you choose to use – Goddess, God, Higher Power….
Call on any saints, angels, prophets and/or guides that
inspire you – or no deity at all – just connecting to the Universe
directly, as it is, in wordless wonder.

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