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Glass Half Empty

By Dale Lucht

No matter how much of a curmudgeon I pretend to be, I tend to be an optimistic person. This latest election has shocked me to such an extent that I am filled with nothing but pessimism. How could the American people vote for Donald Trump? The only positive is that America will finally have a president from German stock, and you know how well they have run the world. The voters overlooked all of Mr. Trump’s shortcomings; his bankruptcies, his xenophobia, his sexual abuse, and of course his hair. I can only assume that the electorate voted emotionally, and not with their minds. A friend of mine whose ex-husband is 78 years old, has early stage dementia, and has had a stroke, still knew enough to vote for Hillary. Native Americans had a saying that when making decisions you should take into account how it will affect seven generations from you. When I vote, I tend to decide between the lesser of two evils, who will cause the least harm. I would like to vote enthusiastically for someone, but if they want that job, they probably do have some psychological problems.

After the election I started to check out the emigration process for moving to Canada. I would have to learn a new language: calling people hosers instead of as@#*les, drinking Molsons instead of Pabst, and giving up Dunkin Donuts for Tim Hortons. I would also have to say hoose instead of house. That is a small price to pay to get away from the idiocy that is about to descend on us. Not only did the Republicans win the presidency, they also won the House and Senate, and that also means the Supreme Court. These are the same people that brought us the last recession. Make a note of cost of living prices; gas was at $1.97, home loan rates were under 4%, the unemployment rate was at 4.9%. In 2020 we’ll see where they are at.

To the Green Party, Libertarians and also Democrats, pay more attention to local elections. Build a broad base that your platform can stand on. Perhaps then you can positively affect our elections. The wider your base, the more you can grow.

When people say they’re going to fix their pets, the pets don’t agree with them that they need to be fixed. Is this the same way the Republicans are going to fix us? We have to turn the People’s knife around and fix the politicians. We also need to get rid of the Electoral College, it’s time has passed. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but not the electoral vote. We also have to start looking at the Constitution. Is it serving our purpose? Should parts of it be updated?

Paul Ryan is going after Medicare, Social Security, Veterans, the Affordable Care Act, the Post Office, and Dodd-Frank, and also repeal Roe vs. Wade. They have a full agenda of attack on the America of the People, but not for the people. Their first priority is getting rid of Obamacare, and since I am all about helping the Republicans, I have a suggestion. Make basic insurance compulsory and forbid insurances from making a profit; they can make a profit on other insurances they sell. This is basically what Switzerland does, but their Health Care Costs are second to the U.S. Should we really have corporations make a profit on human suffering? I would suggest that insurers limit their profits to 10% and stop paying outrageous salaries to the CEO’s.

I never thought that I would miss George W. Bush. Unfortunately our only hope now lies with Donald J. Trump.  At the time of this writing some of his nominees are acceptable and some are horrendous. He needs to appoint mature and honorable people to fill many jobs. I urge him to get the best thinkers he can. Just today Mr. Trump said that if manufacturers pull out of the U.S. they should be prepared to pay a 35% tax on their products. I’ve been supporting a tariff for years. Who would’ve thought I would agree with Mr. Trump? I wish him the best. This is the country I live in, and Canada probably wouldn’t foot my insurance bill. I do have a couple of suggestions for Mr. Trump. He promised the coal miners in West Virginia to keep their mines open, he also promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US, and also make Mexico pay for it. I have thought of a solution to his problems. Buy all of the coal from West Virginia that they can produce and sell it to Mexico. Deliver it to the border, dumped on the ground as high as you can over as many miles as you can. As the Mexican people remove some coal fill in the gaps. This would be a win-win-win, we have a wall which Mexico pays for, and West Virginians have jobs, and the Mexican people would have fuel. That glass is starting to look a little fuller.

The voters were upset with all politicians in 2016 and maybe the electorate will finally realize what they have unleashed and in the next election they will come to their senses.

One last thing-“Goodbye Mr. Obama”. I think you’ve done a wonderful job once you got experience. Just imagine what you could have done if you’d had any cooperation from the Republicans who did nothing but obstruct progress.

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