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The Way of the Cross

By Katie Ammon

Recently, I have plagued myself by a distraction and much suffering. So while waiting for surgery last Thursday, I kept contemplating at the cross above the door. Thinking about how it is such an ancient symbol, I began to focus on it to distract me from my compound fracture. It reminded me of a short conversation I had with Michael Strelcheck before class a few weeks ago. I asked him if the cross represented life itself. It is formed when spirit, being the vertical part, comes down from above, meeting matter, the horizontal piece. When they meet the two don’t fit together very well and cause suffering. Is that why we have pain in this life and identify with being hung on a cross or all have “our crosses to bear?”

He said that was correct.

So I pondered on that awhile and come to a new understanding.
Spirit is a faster vibration than matter, so many of us humans have difficulties being comfortable in or adjusting to our bodies. This is now showing up more often in the general population. We call it attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, social or high anxiety, panic attacks and other social maladjustments. It seems as we move into the higher vibrational frequency of the Aquarian age, more of us have trouble staying grounded. Many of us tend to put on weight or get physically heavy. Others, like myself, get distracted easily and fall or have other accidents. Some of us humans, not feeling rooted here, use alcohol or drugs to escape from the harshness of matter.

The answers to these problems are pretty individual and tailored to our specific needs. For the overactive or socially maladjusted, there is counseling, relaxation methods like biofeedback or meditation, sometimes diet or medication. For others like myself we need a better awareness of what we do in the physical world like, where we put or place our feet or what, when and why we eat. Those on the path of addiction may need to learn to love and respect themselves, using counseling, alternative methods or therapy.

Since all humanity is affected by the spirit moving faster than matter, we all suffer the agony of the cross. Now as we move into higher Aquarian energy, our journey becomes one of healing our feeling of separateness of body and soul and among all humans.

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