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Jumping Into Change

By Doris Deits

With the presidential inauguration completed, Mr. Trump is busy working to Make America Great Again. Unfortunately many of us don’t really know what that means. As a result, people can be feeling their levels of anxiety and stress on the rise. Tempers are flaring, fears are escalating, and worry seems to grow like a weed within the mind. Now that we’ve elected a wild card candidate, we have much uncertainty in our future as a nation. Change is the agent of chaos, but planning for it can bring the stability we seek.

Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a contrarian, which is defined by Wikipedia as:  A contrarian is a person who takes up a contrary position, especially a position that is opposed to that of the majority, regardless of how unpopular it may be.

A contrarian, by his or her very nature, creates instability which can then be used to control a situation by keeping everyone off-guard, never knowing what to expect. It’s a strategy we’ve seen emulated in many war movies where the heroes do the opposite of what’s expected, fooling the enemy and saving the day.

This can be exciting, arousing our attention and curiosity. But when we pair a sense of unpredictability with an important leadership role, it can leave most of us feeling like the rug could be pulled out from under us at any time.

The masses are wondering, ‘What’s gonna happen and how will our lives be affected?” Perhaps we stand to lose something like health care or fear a decline of our human rights. Maybe the markets will drop, reducing our 401K investments to a fraction of what we once had. Companies and businesses who work with or provide services for the government may have their contracts cancelled and now don’t know how to plan their resources or finances.

It’s as if our nation is holding its breath, waiting to see where the axe will drop.

Americans want change, the New Age of Aquarius demands change, so change is what we’ll have! But it doesn’t have to destroy us. Humans tend to resist change because the outcome isn’t known. As we well know, change naturally brings a time of destruction (making room for the new) which brings a certain amount of chaos until the new things are in place. This is inevitable. It’s exciting and painful at the same time.

We are left wondering how to best get through it.

In times of change and uncertainty, our natural tendency is to curl up in a ball and pray we make it out alive. People become paralyzed by their worries and fears of what might or could happen. Easy to envision the worst, we can rationalize that this is a good way to prepare ourselves. But from an energy standpoint, it doesn’t work that way.

Metaphysics teaches us that all significant change brings with it a ‘dangerous opportunity.’ Meaning that it’s possible to find opportunities within the destruction that change brings and use it to one’s advantage. If something is going away, there will soon be something else to take its place.

By using our awareness we can potentially side step an upcoming pitfall and sometimes we may even run across an unexpected advantage if we are mindful and move quickly. Let’s say someone is worried about losing their 401K money in the stock market due to an unexpected reaction to the new presidential administration. Perhaps moving the majority of it into something safer for a short time will bring peace of mind until there is a clearer idea of how the market will react long term to the new policies being declared.

Our power lies in our fluidity, the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Letting go of one thing and grabbing another, it’s important to not get caught up in doing the right thing. It’s not about right, it’s about using the resources available at the time. We always have a choice, even if it’s just choosing how to respond to an unwelcome change.

During times of change, everything is in flux and will change its form several times. If we feel like we’ve grabbed the wrong thing, just let it go and grab the next thing that looks good. Don’t look for something ‘perfect,’ because it doesn’t exist right now. We may not like the options before us, but we still have a say in which one we choose.

It’s our ability to manage change that brings a sense of stability to our lives.

One thing we can be sure of is that the next few years will bring significant change. Everything has its pros and cons. But if we make the choices, we become the director of our lives, creating a sense of empowerment and proving to ourselves that we can navigate our way through rough waters.

Change is here. It’s time to put on our helmets and get in the game.

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