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The Mirror

By Katie Ammon

At this time in our history, we are now faced with how we view our new president. Many of us are asking ourselves, “What is his intention? Is it to serve the country and its people or is he here for serving his own agenda and need for power?” As this is the person who is the chief representative of our country, perhaps it is time for us to look at him as our reflection. The mirror itself is not us, nor our life, but when we look closely at it, we see our own flaws and other things normally hidden from our daily life.

One of the things we might see is a reflection of the darkest side of humanity, our own shadow side created by us with our actions towards each other, ourselves and our Earth. So we ask ourselves if we have become a nation of self-serving, narcissistic, patriarchal elite who believe we have the answers for the rest of the world. Are we a country that idolizes itself due to our knowledge and accomplishments? Are we a society of pleasure seekers with no sense of ethics or integrity, so desensitized and depersonalized that we have no regard for those who are suffering and searching for a better life? Are we willing to start a race war or face a nuclear holocaust to prove our “greatness”? In other words, have we finally hit the bottom of the evolutionary scale?

It is time for us, as a people, to wake up and realize we created this world. We have a country that is in a state of unrest and an Earth reflecting our blatant disregard for nature with severe weather patterns. It is time that we, the children of the Earth, wake-up and learn to be more responsible citizens in how we act, think and live here. We need to remember we cannot destroy the Earth, only our ability to live on it. We are going to be facing many challenges in the next few years with this imperfect president. We need to remember he is only the catalyst who is making our country a boiling cauldron and a reflection of all of us.

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