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By Julie Dieterle

Have you noticed something different going on? Several of my friends have been commenting that they are aware of being “more sensitive.” All of a sudden, with no past history of it, I have a sensation in my stomach—pressure, maybe even nausea—“Could it be serious?” All of a sudden I have a pain in my neck—“Did I sleep wrong?” I feel depressed but nothing has changed since yesterday—“Why?” Our worry over our body and our past tendency is to go there—to think there is something wrong with our bodies. My friend said something that made me feel uneasy and I just can’t let it pass, without saying something to resolve it.

The world seems pretty chaotic, nature extreme and out of the ordinary yearly cycles. With the current economic and political climate, it seems we are all being pushed to be conscious of our deeper and maybe real sensations.

We are being shaken out of our apathy. We are not being allowed to go back to sleep and run on “life as usual” program.

We are being asked to think a little more deeply and open up to new possibilities. We forget that we have always been sensitive to our environment and maybe we are even more intuitive or sensitive than we ever thought.  AND we cannot ignore it!

Could that stomach pressure be an upset about a situation or response to something just said—that at least our body is responding to, even if we were unaware of it? And perhaps dismissed it?  We need to ask “What was it that upset me?” Could that neck pain be an outward sign of frustration and unexpressed confusion? What might I be frustrated about?  What have I been confused about? Could that depression be a stimulation asking us to not get caught in details, but look at the bigger picture? When have I experienced this before?

Could that discomfort we feel in our bodies from a conversation, leaving unease, need to be released by talking, so the body can let it go of that feeling?

This is good! We can acknowledge – “I experienced it. I won’t deny it.” Once my friend and I talked about what might be frustrating or confusing in the past few days. I could see her body relax, and she smiled and said “I feel better.” “I guess I was feeling that “pain in the neck” over that conversation.” When hearing the perceived hurtful words from another, this client said “I just had to say something.” “I hurt too much to let it pass.”  “Once we talked about it, I understood better where she was coming from, and I could let it go.”

We all want to be clear, to understand and be understood. Tune in and not out!! What a marvelous opportunity!!

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