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Believe in Your Magical Power

By Pamela Brann

With the New Age upon us we are seeking to connect with spirit or our soul. What is the “New Age” all about anyway? The New Age is about magic, ceremony, community and a life of practical organization. The organization part is riding in on the energies of the 7th Ray. It is about finding that connection to Mother Earth, the Angel / Fairy realm, belonging to a community of “family” and all that makes us feel whole.

We think – how do we do this? In what way do we incorporate traditions or rituals in our everyday life? What artifacts are you drawn to? They could be modern items or they could be ancient artifacts (even if they are replicas). What do you feel when you hold these items? Do you feel a connection to another time and / or country?

Establishing a space to create an altar, dedicated spot or corner to put the items that make you feel that warm spirit or flame of truth, that gives you a heartfelt commitment to connecting with your inner self, can bring magic to your life. With each item you put there make it a “symbol” of something.


Candle – higher light or the flame of you truth;

Stones – healing energy;

A deck of tarot or inspiration cards – choose a card for the day for guidance or wisdom;

Statues – your favorite animals representing your spirit animals;

Angel, Elf or Fairy statues – to connect with that realm for help and guidance.

Make it a peaceful space with textures and colors that appeal to you or pictures of your favorite places. Items that create a feeling of happiness.

Give the space or corner even just a few minutes of your time. Everyday touching, connecting, believing in the power of the items you put there can create an emotional excitement to create magic with the kind of life you want to live. Believe in your magical power to create.

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