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But, enough about me…

By Dale Lucht

I really don’t like Donald John Trump. Not only do I not like him as a president, I don’t like him as a person. So, why oh, why do I dream about him? I think I had one dream with Hillary Clinton, and a couple of dreams with Mr. Obama. One I remember, I was a passenger on a bus and was complaining about the driving. Barack Obama was the driver and he turned around and said:  “Hey, I’m driving this bus.”

The latest dream I had with Mr. Trump: He’s getting married again, wearing an American Flag tuxedo. Trump is talking like Mr. Magoo and there is some toady kneeling at his feet. Jared Kushner? One of the sing-along songs is “Gilligan’s Island”. He’s dancing with all the pretty women, and making an ass of himself. The reception was at a bar on the other side of town, near a cornfield. He had hired people to pick up cans and other debris from the field. There were also plastic bags in the trees. Nowhere did I see the bride, just Mr. Trump. There was also something about a police investigation delaying the reception.

Trump is such an egotist that it makes my skin crawl. I’m sure you’ve heard an egotist say, “But, enough about me, what do you think of me?” The man is insufferable, not only has he named many people to his cabinet that are enemies of the very cabinets they head, he irritates our friends, and makes friends with our enemies. He admires Putin in Russia, Duterte in the Philippines, and Erdogan from Turkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would back Assad in Syria, if he could get away with it. He admires despots, and I believe wants to be one. As a flim flam real estate developer, he was used to doing things his way, and by the way, using other people’s money. Having to follow national laws and ethical behavior is a pesky nuisance to him. I have no doubt in my mind that he wants to be the tsar of the U.S. Not only do I miss Mr. Obama, I also miss George Bush.

The midterm elections are more than a year away but start thinking who you would like to run for office and encourage them. Or do it yourself. Even if it’s for dog catcher, it’s experience. We’ve seen what can happen when a person is elected to high office without experience. I believe that it is especially important for Gen Xers and Millennials to run. The future is theirs, make the best of it.

In 2018 the election for Governor will again be held in Wisconsin, Paul Soglin has announced that he’s exploring the possibility of running for the job. When I lived in Madison and Soglin ran for Mayor the first time, I voted for him, but now he’s older than dirt. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and of course Bernie Sanders are considering a run for President in 2020. Your time has passed. Encourage, mentor, and raise money for the younger people. It’s their future. Become the wise elder statesmen that we desperately need.

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