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My Wife is a Rose

By “The Great One”

I’m a controller and have expectations.

I use control to protect my heart and not be hurt.

I would see my wife not growing or

doing something to my satisfaction.


I would force open a petal a bit to get her growing—

but I would tear that petal.

Many petals got damaged.

When I was done, the rose was destroyed.

She is a rose and if I let God open up that rose in the fullness of time,                                she will bloom and be beautiful in her own time.

She is a beautiful rose, and if I keep my hands off and let God do his work—                    the outcome will be perfect.

This is true whether we are talking about a spouse, a prisoner, or a student.      Controllers destroy and not build.

Few are able to do a good job if their boss is on their back.

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