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Mystery of the Stones

By Katie Ammon

In our Tuesday night class at Earthsong, we have been learning about the energy system of the human body and how nature has evolved it into a form that can hold a higher consciousness. This consciousness can be used to make us aware of ideas or things that are showing up in our lives. Recently, stones were a subject brought to my attention so I decided to explore further what that might mean. First, I bought a book about stones called The Search for Stones by M. Scott Peck. Next, I came across a reference to stones while studying some esoteric wisdom. Last, I remembered how I felt called to travel to areas of this country to see natural rock formations

While reading the book, I felt myself following the author and his wife on their trip to the untamed areas of Wales and Scotland to explore the stone megaliths, circles and cairns. During the excursion, the author reviews his own life’s journey and questions what of monumental value he will leave behind. A former psychiatrist, author and co-leader with his wife, of a community-building organization, he was searching not only for meaning in his life but also for meaning in the large stone formations left by prehistoric peoples. Since the stones themselves could not tell him the purpose or meaning of why the ancients built these formations, he reviewed all the theories of archeologists and historians, such as calendars, memorials sites or gathering centers. Then he came up with the idea that the stones were either temples to worship the moon and sun, or used for fertility rites. Finally, he concluded that whatever secrets the sentient stone beings held would remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, I was reading some esoteric wisdom by Alice Bailey, as to the purpose of life, where I found more references to stones. The first one was that humans are to quarry the stones while on Earth to build the Temple of Solomon. Later in that material was this quote regarding how we can gain a deeper understanding of life:

“…each man has for himself worked at his spiritual development, built the bridge between the higher and lower mind, prepared the shrine in the Temple of Solomon for the Light of God, and turned his activities into altruistic helping…”

The shrine in the Temple of Solomon seems to be the human mind which can evolve and become wiser by service and through life experiences. While the stones are metaphors for the stumbling blocks or challenges that come into our lives, our task is to master and overcome these difficult times and challenges. As we learn from life experiences, hopefully, our thoughts and actions will become more patient and compassionate towards others. With these expansions of our minds, our approach to life can become more helpful rather than self-serving or defensive. So as we humans evolve, we tend to create more open and cooperative communities. Therefore, an answer to the mystery of the metaphorical stones seems to be that people need to experience and conquer them to grow wiser.

While wondering about my fascination with stone I remembered the times I felt the need to travel to rocky areas of this country. Many of those callings were to visit the natural stone formations of the Western United States. Unsure of why I wanted to go to those areas, I just enjoyed the scenery and observed energy of the mountain and formations. In the yawning canyons of the mountains, I experienced a deep peace inside. It seemed to me the rocks with their slow energy were patiently waiting to reveal all the secrets they held.

My final thought about stones is that they may be witnesses to the turbulent forming of the Earth and the rise and fall of civilizations. These forms are not something I or anyone else can access at this time. But perhaps at some future time the mysteries of these stones will be revealed.

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