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Masters of Love

By Katie Ammon

In one of our “Game of Life” Tuesday night classes at Earthsong, Michael Strelcheck asked, “What if the Higher Power in charge of the universe asked us to all love one another?” My first thought was, “Jesus came in and tried to teach us about loving God above all others and our neighbor as ourselves.” Then in my “tongue in cheek” fashion I asked if that wasn’t what the hippie movement was all about. Michael said that movement was a misguided attempt to follow the call. Next a memory stirred in my memory of listening to a Barbara Marciniek tape where she repeats, “The Masters of Love are coming” several times. Considering that a higher mandate, to love one another, was coming from a divine source, I wanted to explore how this plan might be working out in the larger picture.

First, Jesus was sent into a world that believed in a vengeful God. Jesus’ teachings were to soften the rigid ideas that people followed concerning structured rituals and sacrifices, so God would love them. He influenced many people to become more caring and thoughtful toward their fellow humans. Many good works were performed by people inspired by Jesus’ word, but on the other hand, some followers formed Christian churches that became overly rigid requiring sacrifice and returned to teaching about a God who would punish his children with an eternity of fire and brimstone. By his teachings, Jesus planted the seeds of how to treat each other. His words were heard but not always understood. So Higher Source, not giving up on us, tried again.

The next attempt by us humans to answer the call to bring love into the world may possibly have been the hippie movement. The hippies were born as a large group called the “baby boomers,” directly after the Second World War. This group of young people saw the struggles of their parents, attempting to survive in the drab post-war economy. In a somewhat rebellious mode, they decided to create a more colorful life. They refused to conform to dress codes, conventional belief systems, and social mores. Some created their own kind of music, attempted to return to nature by living in communes, tried illegal drugs, protested the Vietnam War and became the colorful flower children of Haight Ashbury. For a while the ‘boomers’’ as a group impacted the country with their free love philosophy and plea for peace in the world. Although these ideas still resound in society today, the hippie movement dissipated when many of them could not survive without an income or home. However, due to their efforts, increased tolerance, regard and respect for others, along with a more creative atmosphere began to appear in communities, work places and society in general. Despite the best intentions of the hippies, there is still strife, war and chaos in the world. To continue the Divine directive, another group of souls called the “Masters of Love”, according to Barbara Marciniek, should be incarnating now.

Last, I tried to conjecture who the “Masters of Love” might be. I figured they would have to be selfless, without guile or ulterior motives. At first, I thought maybe they would have outstanding looks, great intelligence and personalities. Then I realized that those concepts were old worn out ideas I had learned living in this society. Experience has taught me to look past form and not to get hung up on external things. As time went on and I observed the spike in the number of children being born with handicaps and autism, I began to question, “Would a master choose a body that could not reach full expression of adulthood?” Realizing that those children require more care and attention from their parents and caretakers, I wondered if this was their spirit’s way to teach unconditional love. As soon as the parents realize no amount of money or material goods can change this child they can learn to become more selfless and loving. Whatever dreams the parents held for this child will probably never become a reality. Looking at it from a higher perspective, the parents may see the effect on the people who work with these children and how it changes them. Recently even our president, showing a very human side, offered to help an English couple whose young infant son was born with a fatal genetic problem. The child was already advancing toward total disability and the National Health system, unable to help further, suggested he be taken off total life support. When I saw this I thought, “Who but a helpless child can soften hearts in a world hardened by greed, materialism and negativity?”

On a side note, our second son was born with a chromosome abnormality called a G-ring. I often wondered if his behavior problems took him where he was destined to be. My understanding of his life plan or design is limited. So I had to surrender my need to control to a higher power.

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