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Oh The Power Of Thoughts

By Janet Zimborski

It feels like the curtain has dropped and it is “time” for an intermission. To be able to move into your Inner Wisdom/Truth/Soul is above all else, the most important relationship one can form. Winter, a slower moving season, offers us “time” to practice living in the more magical time of introspection and participating consciously in a new empowering way forward. Why magical? It is in the present moment of all that’s happening and not happening that our conscious awareness is allowing us to “pick up the paint brush from heavenly realms and “add color to the physical realms.” In other words, as we consciously choose every choice forward we learn to clue in to more and more of who we are at our Spiritual roots. Sounds easy. It takes practice. To bring to life the bigger part of your Self to the Earth realm will take practice!

The most important work each person will need to accomplish is learning what it means to love themselves unconditionally, right now in every moment without judging or criticism of self. Do you remember what it was like when you were a small child and trying to tie you shoe or ride a bike? Few could do it the first time. At first it’s scary to learn to ride a bike, then it feels thrilling, but frustration can seep into the mind, and if you don’t succeed at first you may revert to negative self-doubt and anger. You may feel less than others and begin to compare yourself to all else. Expect there to be similar times. You are in charge; change your thoughts right away. Remember this – anytime we’ve ever stretched ourselves to broaden our horizons, we can and will get some kickback from others, or even our own negative inner self talk.

The inner focus on always loving yourself and doing what’s right for you, moment to moment, is so important. Your inner fortitude and energetic body becomes spiritually stronger and eventually noticeably healthier. Each time you choose what’s true and/or right for you, you’re creating a stronger foundational beginning for yourself, on which to build a more satisfying and enjoyable way of living. Will you become selfish in the process? No. By strengthening your own beliefs, (question all beliefs before investing Self into them, for truth), and “saving” your own world, you are helping and sharing with others through example and also through collective consciousness. If you are aware of how to check statements for truth by using muscle testing, this is a good time to practice. If not, you can read about the scale of consciousness and muscle testing in the back of most any of Dr. David Hawkins’ book, Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender, is chock full of information on releasing lower emotions that no longer serve your highest and greatest good.

Understand that this is not a straight path, there can be hills and valleys. I would think you might benefit by taking a look at YouTube if you have access to it. Search for cymatics or sand vibration. The video can represent the vibratory frequency increases in sand. First a raise in frequency looks messy or chaotic, then it creates an intricate new pattern. This is true for us.  As we make new choices and change our “frequencies” or old patterns and habits, we too find temporary chaos and then a clarity and stability as we embody more of our true self. Remember, these are your choices. Put time into them. Get any information, picture them, feel them, and see if your beliefs support them. This is about you taking responsibility for your life and what changes you’d like to make. This is not about you changing, harming, or using another human being for your advantage. I like to picture this as us being able to play well in the sandbox, you know, back when we were 4 years old.

I choose to write this article, due to the confusion and false information “out there”. There are so many opinions and stories that are just plain garbage and harmful to focus on. Your thoughts are best used wisely. Our ability to live an empowered and joyful life is when it is created consciously from our own heart and our own truth. It’s not about eliminating anyone else’s truths or beliefs. If we focus on what makes us similar we will find our own lives are blessed and expanded vs focusing on what’s “wrong” or what we feel threatened by. I recently had an eye opening experience myself. My 11 year old Chihuahua started to show signs of decline a year ago. I spoke it out loud to an acquaintance of mine. I thought I might have to put him down someday. This person sharply turned to face me and aggressively told me I would regret it. I quickly looked her in the face and thought to myself “This is so wrong”. Anyone knows if you have had to put a pet down it is devastating, not something enjoyable. As time went on I continued to take him to different vets for a second and third opinion. All of them told me the same. Someday his heart would fail. He had a massive heart murmur. I slowed my life’s pace down to become one with his every step. I knew he was tired and exhausted. It’s still so very close to my heart as I write this. I still remember every nuance of his moves as if it was etched in my mind. Before leaving on a 3 day long distance trip I took him to the vet again to check on his welfare. Between my husband and daughter they cared for him when I was away. I was back only a few days when he fell to the ground outside as we were meandering around the yard. I called for my husband and we sat on the grass and talked to him while softly petting him. It appeared he was unconscious. Twenty minutes later he was up walking into the house on his own. What a surprise. My daughter, who’s dog it was originally got there later. One week to the date, at 10:30 at night, Mason, our dog, couldn’t take in a full breath. He struggled for air. We took him to the ER Vet, and they took x-rays. His heart was as big as his chest and squeezing out his lungs and airway. We called our daughter home from work and the 3 of us said our goodbyes. We sat with him as they administered medication to put him to sleep. It was very humbling and yet touching as we were all there with and for him. Now I have pondered and questioned a few times if we made the right decision, because of the person’s voice that was so sure and unwavering. I had times I needed to heed my own voice. “Do not ever second guess your choices.” Hold to your convictions. This is one way a future, kind hearted, bright light for the world could start to dissolve their own metaphorical foundation which, although is unseen, exists. If one doubts themselves long enough, cracks could form and become bigger. At such time a downward spiral can be felt. Make a choice, be grateful for it, and forgive all else. The life force you save could be your own. You are responsible for you!

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