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Who Am I At the Core of My Being?

By Arline Rowden

Who am I? When I introduce myself in the context of my work life I might say: “I’m Arline Rowden. I’ve been self-employed since 1990 and offer sessions and classes in the healing arts.” But that’s really more about what I do than who I am. Or I could say: “I am a Divine Soul currently animating the personality of a human being.”

There are so many ways that we can identify ourselves but I want to focus on my spiritual perspective from the Ageless Wisdom Traditions. My personality is made up of my physical, emotional and mental bodies. It’s often fearful and quite focused on surviving. My Soul is Light, Energy and Consciousness.

I believe that as a Soul I have had personalities in many different lifetimes. The personality is the vehicle that allows the Soul to observe life here on planet earth. The Soul is the energy that gives life to the personality. You could consider an example of an electrical appliance being plugged into a live wall outlet. After that connection is made, it can fulfill its purpose as the electricity flows through the cord to the appliance. The Soul connects with the personality through the antahkarana or silver cord. The connection is made at birth and released at death.

In eastern philosophy, chakras are described as energy centers and in western science the 7 major ones are located along the spinal column in the areas of the major nerve ganglia. The energy of the Soul flows through the chakra system out into the rest of the human being. The energy of vitality from the earth flows through the chakra system, too. They create a two way vertical flow of energy through the chakras. The chakras are the core of our being here on earth. Energy also flows horizontally through each chakra. Each chakra is like a 4 way intersection.

The chakras are like 7 little brains that focus on various areas of the body and life. Our wounds, issues, beliefs, potentials and more are held in our chakras and affect the health of the chakra. Studying about the chakras and going on a journey of self-discovery through your chakras can be very helpful. We can discover where we need to make changes so we can have more balance and harmony in life. Our health on all levels can improve as we make these changes.

We can get to know ourselves as we explore our chakras. It also helps us to understand others. It’s part of our spiritual journey. We evolve through the lessons of the chakras. This quote by Lao Tzu really speaks to me: “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”

I am the Divine Soul at the Core of My Being. But not all of my Soul is present here, much of it is in another dimension. Through meditation and intention, I focus on strengthening the connection that my personality has with my Soul. Then I will be able to experience and bring in more Solar Light. Shining that Solar Light out into the world feels like my purpose. I like to think of my Soul as a Solar Angel. This is really who I am at the core of my being. And so are you!

Recently in contemplation I was inspired to write the following:

“As Souls we came to earth

To bring Light & Healing to all forms

But then we thought we were physical not just energy

And we lost our way

Now we are waking up to who we really are

Divine Souls offering Joy to all Hearts on Earth”

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