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By Dianne Witte

I learned the two magic words many years ago from Norman Vincent Peale; please and thank you. In turn, I taught them to our two sons. If they forgot to show gratitude for a gift or something similar, I would prompt them with “what’s the magic word?” They learned to respond, “thank you.” In a similar way, if they wanted something, I would ask, “What’s the magic word?”  Of course, they soon learned what I thought the magic words were. In looking back, I might do it differently, in that I’m not sure I impressed upon them why they were “magic,” words other than they got what they wanted in the case of “please” and got approval from mom, by using the magic words.

There is another magic word we’re familiar with, abracadabra.  It strikes me as an unusual word, and recently, I learned there are some interesting roots to that word. Abracadabra has been used as a talisman since ancient times. For instance, the 2nd century Roman savant, Serenus Sammonicus, gives a description in his Liber Medicinalis about the way this magic word may be used as a charm. The diagram below was worn to cure diseases, fever, and other problems by siphoning it out of the person and expelling it through that bottom “A”.












According to older theories, the word ‘Abracadabra’ is derived from the Hebrew words ‘ab, ben, ruach hakodesh’, which translates as ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’. Thus, the word ‘Abracadabra’ was in fact an invocation of the Holy Trinity.

According to another theory, this magic word is derived from another magic word known as ‘abraxas’. This word is special, as its letters, in Greek numerology, add up to 365, i.e. the number of days in a year. But there is an even older theory about it origins. It is said to stem from the Aramaic “avra kadavra” meaning…..

AVRA ————–AS I Speak
KADAVRA————–So I Create

As I speak, so I create. Well, we know magicians used the phrase and things did happen as they directed, but of course, that was manipulated by them. Is it true, however, that we do create what we say?

We are told that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. It wasn’t until he spoke that there was light, and water and land and the world as we know it. Impressive! We are also told, in the same manner, humanity was created in his image and likeness. Wouldn’t it follow that we also have the power to create with our words?

Maybe you find more convincing the research of Masaru Emoto, whose photographic evidence shows the effect of speech on water. He always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water, then quick freezing it. On the other hand, he observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. He published a number of books with photos demonstrating the power of words on water. They are widely available at your local library or do an online search on “Emoto images”.


The beautiful crystal produced by the words “thank you” contrasts starkly with the image produced by the words “you disgust me.” Many more examples are pictured that clearly demonstrate the effect of language on water. Since up to 60% of the human adult body is water, wouldn’t it lead you to consider that words definitely have an impact on us?

Whether you’re 14 or 42, you know how it feels when someone gives you a compliment or speaks to you in anger. So my mom was right on when she would say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Other sage advice says, “Know when to speak and when to be silent. Ninety percent of the time, say nothing.”

But, then there’s self-talk. What are you saying to your body? If you took inventory of your words, what would they say about what you are creating in your world? There are certain phrases that have been handed down in the ageless wisdom teachings, with spiritual vibrations that have a strong loving effect. Try bringing these into your life by saying or whispering them into your environment with sincere intent related to the words you use.

  • “Into calm” transforms a moment into a positive place.
  • “Harmonize my mental focus” brings the mind to a point of powerful concentration.
  • “Bring peace, calm and harmony” provides a sense of wellbeing to all worlds.
  • “Kindness, patience, love” inspires divine attributes in one’s personality.

You might create something that is a constant “go to” phrase, when you slip into chaos. Some phrases like, “Serenity be mine” or “Replace it with harmony” are said to carry the vibration of God, having an impact on things and that automatically lifts our vibrations.

Always remember, abracadabra, “AS I SPEAK, SO I CREATE.”    Go in peace.

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