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Emotional Healing and Resistance to It

By Arline Rowden

Have you experienced emotional trauma in your life? When you remember the experience do you still feel very emotional? Do you even try to push the feelings down? Do you try not to think of the experience since you experience painful emotions again? Do you feel resistance to emotional healing since you are afraid of feeling the emotions again? Would you be open to emotional healing if the emotional pain could be released?

I have experienced my share of emotional trauma in my life. I have been abused on many levels and it left scars that no one could see but that I could feel deep inside. For years it was unresolved and it haunted me. I was always anxious and on guard. People who should have protected me harmed me, so who could I trust? I didn’t even trust myself to take good care of me. I was just surviving, not thriving.

Starting in my 20’s I read every self-help book that I could get my hands on and later I attended support groups and went to mental health practitioners. At times, I would feel hopeful and then I’d have a setback and feel depressed again. Eventually, I found meditation. It was helpful in letting go of some of the anxiety. I was able to be more positive at times. Later I found Reiki and began to run my Reiki while I would meditate. These were great self-care tools for me. Of course, I had to decide to use them on a regular basis.

I imagine that most people who have gone through psychotherapy become very good at telling their stories around the emotional trauma. I know I was. I also did a lot of emoting since I was told that would release the emotions. It was a long time before I questioned whether talking and emoting were really the kind of emotional healing that would work for me.

After a weekend therapy group experience, where I emoted to the point that some people in the group were uncomfortable with it, I really questioned these methods. After that I made a commitment to myself to stop this approach until I found something that would really provide emotional healing. It seemed that my wounds were getting deeper with those kinds of experiences.

After studying the emotional processing technique in 2004, I began to understand the emotional nature. I was finally able, over time, to actually release emotional traumas one by one. I learned that at some level we decide to hold on to all the energy of an emotional trauma because we know there’s something valuable to understand from it. That actually made sense to me. What I learned is that there is a way to sort out the wisdom from the emotions and save the wisdom and release the emotions. I learned that emotional healing is more about a change of attitude – how we see the experience – than about emoting again. There can be some re-experience of emotions during emotional healing but that’s not the intent with it.

Emotional trauma can cause congested energy in the body and if energy isn’t flowing well it could adversely affect the whole body. In my energy & spiritual studies, I’ve learned that this affects not only our health but how we view our life experience. Since I’ve been able to heal from many of the emotional traumas, my life experience is more positive. I have many experiences of feeling calm, balanced and at peace in my heart and mind. I’m grateful that I found a way to heal emotionally. I no longer resist emotional healing since I’ve experienced so much benefit from it.

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