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Expect Vibrant Health

By Janet Zimborski

The wave of illnesses that have hit all over in the past couple months is not to be taken lightly and dismissed. The way forward is not to ignore, blame, or fall into fear but to explore. Once experiencing anything that was not life supporting, I take a moment to ask myself “How do I feel about that?” If it wasn’t an outcome that brought joy and/or satisfaction, I ask “What can be done to CHANGE or improve the outcome?” It does not help to choose to sit idly by in a state of helplessness. It doesn’t help to go into fear. It doesn’t help to lash out and blame. If we want to make meaningful change here on Earth, we will need to be able to identify the imbalance that created the situation in the first place. Then any problem can easily be remedied by bringing it back into a neutral and balanced state.

One example would be the state of the human body. The human body is designed to always find the state of homeostasis or balance. If we are taking care to see the body gets the raw materials and loving care it needs, it will stay in a balanced state of vibrant health. It’s not that hard and doesn’t have to take extreme measures. A person who is unaware of how to love and care for their body, and doesn’t fully understand balance in all things could end up creating imbalances and therefore disease. A person who over indulges in ANY food item or beverage habitually, consuming the same foods day in and day out, can form an imbalance over time. For example, refined sugars; if most of our foods eaten are processed snacks or cereal, we can start to show SIGNS of low blood sugar problems. Refined sugar takes about 20 minutes to get into the blood stream. Soon after that “flood” of energy from sugar wears off, we could feel weak, dizzy, nausea and light headedness, if we are not getting other foods that support a longer lasting energy. With that understanding let’s look realistically at what could cause this type of imbalance in our health as a collective. It is not about the human body NEEDING a Flu vaccine, but rather what is breaking down and causing an imbalance? Why are our bodies not finding the balance and the vibrant health that is our potential?

Whether the dis-eases or illnesses were created by man’s ignorance or Nature herself, how can we take preventive care of our bodies before becoming so ill our lives are at risk? Common sense tells you to look at the BIG PICTURE for a CHANGE. Our foods are grown all over the world and shipped sometimes many hundreds or thousands of miles. So let’s look at that…Sometimes it’s necessary to get certain foods from far away, if we can’t grow them here in our country/community. The problem of late is the pollution worldwide has become a heavy contributor to our ill health. The storms, hurricanes, fires, droughts, earthquakes, and more have contributed to the pollution we are experiencing. The Natural catastrophes and other Earth disturbances are now causing chaos and weariness in many a good people’s minds and hearts. Sanitation is not always in the forefront of their minds. Then consider the fact that these food products grown far away have to be transported long distances. The shipping containers will have to be sprayed with pesticides to enter another country. MANY more hands will come into contact with these food products to get to your stores and even more to your homes, and restaurants. I often wonder how long it takes to ship and if that is why they sometimes don’t even look like real food? The vegetables sometimes looks and tastes a bit like plastic (no flaws, very little taste and much larger than home grown).

So we have identified our food sources are not the most life supporting foods they once were. It’s not difficult to solve this problem and bring our health back into harmony with what IS life supporting. Start supporting your immune health now by planting a garden. Plant a garden of your favorite veggies. “No room”, you say? Plant them in pots that will sit on your deck, driveway, or balcony. Maybe a neighbor has extra space and you could pay them back with some of your yield. If you feel none of these suggestions are going to be a possibility, how about a CSA? A Community Supported Agriculture Farm will often have Shares you can either buy or work some hours each work to earn your share. Also, the Farmers’ Markets usually offer you a wonderful variety of locally grown produce. They will be in season, usually picked a day before with very few people involved in touching the produce, few travel hours, with the likely possibility of little to no pesticides.

Now you may be dreading the harvesting of these SUPER CHARGED FOODS, but you will likely find them tastier! So how do we freeze these in a flash? Wash them up, cut them up if large like tomatoes, (no need to cut strawberries), and put them on a freezer proof tray, like plastic or metal. You could put parchment paper down on the tray but not necessary. The produce should not be so close as to freeze together. You will be putting them in zip lock type freezer bags and be able to remove just the amount you need. Freeze for an hour before bagging them up. It’s best to make sure most of the air is pressed out, however, no squeezing the produce to accomplish this task. Label with the date on the outside with permanent marker. It will be easy to remove the tomatoes skins once thawed. They will likely just fall right off.

Ok, just one more idea to feel like you are supporting your immune system when the “flu” rolls around again this Spring or even Summer…..First of all, know this isn’t all mysterious bacteria, influenza, and viruses, but your immune system could be weakened by the food sources that were sprayed by chemicals as fires were being extinguished, or the spray applied to the land in states where hurricanes left floods in their wakes. These chemicals suppress the immune system, and if the body is unable to filter them through the elimination organs as fast as you are ingesting them in, it again shows as an imbalance. Your body will throw you some warning signs… Read them for what they are. Care for your body. Drugs are not always going to “fix” the problem at this point.  Self-Care is an amazing feeling of Power. Anyway, to share an ancient (not a myth) “secret”, it was discovered back in the days of bubonic plague that there were those caretakers/nurses who never got sick. When asked what they did to stay healthy they remarked they put a few slices of ¾” sliced white onions around the house on plates. You could slice them up ahead, store in a glass bowl with a lid in the refrigerator and replace the onions every 24 hours. If you “come down” with the flu, or virus place or tape a slice of white onion on the bottom of each foot at bedtime. Cover with white cotton socks. Next morning remove and throw the (now blackened) onion away.

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