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Hurting Hearts

By Michael Strelcheck

Events over the past few years have often brought difficult news for people to bear, but the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida seems to have struck a “nerve” in the collective consciousness of our country. Perhaps it’s due to the loss of so many beautiful young souls or the tragedy of the innocent being needlessly victimized. But whatever the reason, the event has cut a deep wound in our society’s sensibilities.

The event has provoked heartfelt pleas for change from not only communities around the nation, but from the youth of the country as well and their voices have stirred our nation’s conscience in a way that seems to be awakening it. Although this isn’t the first such tragedy, this situation seems like a “bridge too far” to accept, this time, reaching people at a place beyond their ideologies.

Whether we, as a country, are aware of it or not, the “heart” of America is highly sensitive and aware. So much so that our many cultures and lifestyles are filled with the pulse and expressive beat of a deeply caring heart. Heartwarming, heartfelt, heart-centered, heartache, heartless, heartbroken; our language is laced with metaphoric references to the importance of this life-giving organ. Maybe, with the onslaught of recent heart-wrenching events, we, as a country, are coming to realize that we can no longer deny the “hurt” that is in our collective heart.

The traditional division between heart and mind no longer makes sense because it causes a person to be torn between thinking and feeling. Long have humans been pitted between the “idea of doing the right thing” versus “doing what feels right,” for they often don’t agree. That conflict has lead humans to make a choice; mostly to follow the logic of their mind and suppress what they honestly feel. But, upon the advent of the New Age of Aquarius, the human heart is becoming empowered, consequently its feelings cannot be suppressed anymore – they’ve become too strong. There’s a reason why this is occurring and science explains it through the workings of the body’s electrical nature.

Your body radiates energy called an electromagnetic field. This energy field is where your vitality (or power to be active) comes from and you know when it’s working well for you feel strong and alert. Interestingly, science has recently found that your heart’s electromagnetic energy is 5,000 time stronger than that of your brain! In fact, research shows that your heart has its own capacity for intelligence that is controlled neither by the brain nor by the autonomic nervous system. Science isn’t sure exactly why the heart is able to beat independently of control by the brain, but it does. Cardiologists who specialize in the study of the heart’s nature tell us that the heart has its own “little brain” that enables it to act independently of the head’s big brain and produce feelings, motivations and solutions all on its own. This means that long before your brain has sorted something out, your heart already knows how it feels! Your heartfelt reaction to outer events often unlocks something inside you that cannot be explained. In those moments you feel something “deeply”- without even knowing why!
And why would this be so? Researchers suggest that it is our senses, not just our brain, that are absorbing more than eleven million bits of information per second about our experience. A person’s consciousness, within the brain, can process fewer than twenty-one of these bits of information each second. The remainder of that data is stored within your body’s unique form of “energy intelligence” that’s similar to how our modern computer chip holds data in its electromagnetic aura. These bits of information are contained in your very cells as patterns of energy. They’re stored rather generally in categories (or themes) making up an array of “invisible things” inside a human being, to be retrieved if and when they are needed. When these stored impressions reemerge, like when we listen to an inspiring piece of music or observe a magnificent sunrise, we experience them as “inner perceptions” of thoughts, emotions, projections, memories and dreams that provide us with enriched insights about our experience.

As humans evolve, these unexpected responses become stronger in their nature, so much so that they begin to impact the brain and affect a person’s mental perspective. In this way the thoughts and feelings begin to merge into one unified perception. This change has long been prophesied by philosophies and religions alike, for the increased sense of heartfelt feelings will eventually lead humanity to a greater sense of compassion.

How does one respond to the hurt they feel? In most of the situations that upset us there isn’t a whole lot we can immediately do – so we feel frustration – which causes us pain. Perhaps the best way to deal with this problem is to acknowledge the reality of those feelings inside. This will immediately reduce the discomfort. Next, open up your mind to the fact that the reason you hurt is because “you care!” All human beings care instinctively; it’s normal and it’s not a weakness, but a strength. In “honoring your feelings” you release the stored emotional energy in your body, for what causes pain is when stored energy is blocked from expressing itself. This may not change the situation that’s brothering you, but it will help you to get to a place where you can take reasonable action to help in some way.

Interested in more information on this topic? Check out the HeartMath Institute of Boulder Creek, CA who’s doing extraordinary focused research into how a person’s heart contributes to their overall awareness. Much of the Institute’s work centers on the capacity of human matter to activate and radiate the healing energies of love.

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