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By Colleen Akkerman

Strolling down the lane, canopy covered, lush green carpet

draws me onward.

I am mindful and I recognize

the Source of my being, here in this quiet morning.

Birds singing, sun shining, dew glistening,

morning song.


I feel ONE with the natural rhythm of

this green exotic place.

My Soul drinks in peace, this wonderful escape

from life’s routine, and I am refreshed.

My eyes drink in the sun’s rays filtering through the trees,

catching the morning dew, kissing fern, leaf and grass.

I become the sun. I become fern, peridot green, dew laden,

ever reaching outward. I am nature at its finest!

The sunlight encompasses me and light fills my very being,

and I walk on, knowing I am ONE with all that is.

I see the handiwork of God everywhere I look!

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