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New Paradigms

By Frank Conerton

December 21, 2012 was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I have heard some people try to change the date because they do not see the changes that they assumed would happen. They seemed to expect a goddess to tap them with a magic wand and they suddenly become enlightened. Since that didn’t happen, they want to put off the start of the new age.

Let’s consider a different scenario. A young man graduates from high school in a small isolated farming community and now attends college in the state capitol. He may proceed along many different paths. He may be there strictly to study agricultural science, and impatiently waits until he can return home after graduation. Or he may embrace a wider range of interests available to him and let go of his small-town expectations and beliefs. This choice is his. Similarly, we may live in the Aquarian Age but hold fast to the old beliefs and paradigms. It is our choice.

One such paradigm is the belief that our world is made up of static “dead” matter, upon which life and awareness has been added, either by a creator god or “transpermia”-the idea that life and awareness are “spores” floating around in space and seeded Earth when conditions were right. This is just a more scientific version of the creator god. The result is a belief that our world is made of three separate things: matter, natural life and human life. There are other paradigms available which include humanity within the network of life which sprang directly from the planet.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D is a quantum physicist who wrote “The Self-Aware Universe”. He replaces the old idea that matter is the basis of our world, with the knowledge that matter is made up of Energy directed by consciousness.

“The Zeitgeist Movement” describes our world as emergent and symbiotic. Again. Here is a message that matter emerges from Energy and Consciousness. It then follows that life can unfold from matter and awareness can emerge from life. This provides the Unity, or connectedness, that is talked about in New Age literature.

The New Age was an astrological event based on the position of the sun in the sky on the winter solstice. The expanded consciousness associated with the event will only be appreciated by releasing old limiting paradigms to make room for new ideas which allow this expansion.

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