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Root Bound? Or Spring Bound?

By Janet Zimborski

This life is like a college for me. I’ve been learning all along the way how to uproot myself from the old and mundane. You know that it’s time to evolve out of the old and design yourself new when disease, depression, or dissatisfaction set in. That’s about the time we may choose to blame others, or our jobs, or our situations, but it’s time to get your Self a bigger pot. Open up to new ideas, attitudes, interests and a whole new way of looking at things. So when the undesirable hits, know it’s like a spring board into your new life. How better to do that than going within and seeing life through new eyes and ears again. Nature often points the way.

It’s when the Spring season comes into view, we begin to feel the need to shake off cobwebs and plant new seeds. Have you ever considered you are much like a living plant? A plant will flourish and grow given the right size pot with the right amount of soil, and yet wither and die if the pot is too small and can’t get nutrients. Once its roots are too big for the pot, the roots crowd out soil which is the medium to hold nutrients and water in for the plant. The crowding out is called root bound. This is a good time to check the roots beneath our feet, metaphorically of course. We too need room to grow, a fresh perspective, expanded view, and new experiences to be able to fill bigger shoes. That’s how we grow, mature, and evolve.

Have you looked beneath your feet? What do you see? What do you feel? Believe it or not we humans grow roots. We can’t see them with our physical eyes, but they exist. Many people refer to their “roots” or someone else’s “roots” all the time. Root as defined as the basic cause, source, or origin of something, which often means the family or situation we were born and raised in. There was even a movie called “Roots”. The movie was a historical portrayal of American slavery recounting the journey of one family and their WILL to survive and carry on their legacy despite their hardships.

Some of us are proud of our roots and traditions and others of us feel shame. There are many ways we individually picture, feel, or project our “ROOTS”. Words alone conjure up so many different thoughts and feelings for each of us, all really depending on our experiences, our knowledge base, heartfelt feelings, beliefs (true or false), the images we draw in our minds eye, the stories we tell ourselves, and the judgments we make. Funny though, we each think everyone experiences life the same way as we do. We are similar in many ways, and oh so different when it comes to our vantage point. Viktor E. Frankl, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, in his book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”, tells of his personal hardships as a prisoner in the German concentration camps and how the prisoners, although much like each other in their plight, experienced differing outcomes based on their faiths, and beliefs. Many did not survive. Prisoners with Spiritual Will and determination made their way through such horror. Yet others appeared to “give up”, and once they did, death was imminent.

Like so many, I too followed life as a laundry list of rules and protocol. A mere slave to my roots, things I was taught (through oh so many others), and all my emotions if I didn’t get what that life supposedly promised me (if I was good). Now, it’s nothing to see me laugh out loud at myself.

The best potting soil to grow in is all the compost you will produce as you shed all that isn’t you and never was. Show up without any attachments to what the day may bring and listen to the promptings of your *Soul.

*Your Soul or Inner Self is at first the quieter knowing, and is often somewhat vague. It is natural to hear the outer noise first, but wait awhile before reacting and the Soul’s knowing will shine through, at which time your response, a more neutral tone and therefore kinder approach can be given.

Best Wishes as you Spring forward designing and defining your new “pot”.

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