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By Michael Strelcheck

Most people have heard of the idea that our world is in a process of change due to the shifting location of our planet as our solar system travels through space. The concept is based on the theory that different parts of the Universe have slightly different environments (i.e. electro-magnetic energies) which affect anything moving through them. Astrological science suggests that our planet has entered into a new environment long known as “Aquarius.” If true, it means that the life on our planet is now being impacted by different subtle energies that are causing things to happen differently than expected. This sudden tendency has shaken people’s confidence in the established norms or familiar rules they have grown accustomed to. Whether one believes in such an idea of the Age of Aquarius or not, the recent unexpected events that have occurred seem to bear possible evidence to such a strange idea.

One of the unexpected changes happening can be seen in the area of leadership. Across our Nation, as well as in other countries, we are witnessing a growing kerfuffle as to how communities are to go forward. For whatever reason, we see organizations in all fields struggling to get a grip on what actions they should take, thus creating inconsistencies in meeting the needs of those that they serve. In such times of confusion there’s a temptation to slide back into leadership styles suited to the challenges of past decades (because they’re familiar). We can see an example of this within our national government which is moving towards the well-known path of “protectionism,” probably thinking that this feels safer in this time of confusion. But what if the present time needs a new direction with new behaviors in order to solve the problems our communities are faced with? It seems pretty clear that short-term thinking and old methods no longer suffice. New ways of seeing and compelling visions of the future are needed!

My goal here isn’t to criticize those who are currently in leadership roles (thankfully I’m not in their position), but point out the fact that the world is crying out for leadership that has a new vision! But do those leaders with future vision have the right answers?

There are immense challenges facing modern leaders. In a world where every person’s thoughts and opinions can be so freely and quickly shared, the institutional structures of traditional political parties, corporations and churches are under significant strain as they seek to adjust to the new possibilities presented by “Aquarius.” The quest for power is stimulated, and at a time when allegiances can shift with startling speed, even those who seek to lead from the highest motives have no guarantee of the loyalty of their supporters. These conditions make it extremely difficult for an individual to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

Perhaps if we turn to the Astrological theories about Aquarius’ influence we could get some help. Central to the theories of our transition into Aquarius is the shift from an age of separated individualities to an age of group: group consciousness, group interplay and group idealism. This has huge implications for leaders and their leadership styles. Interestingly, some of the modern teachings on leadership are already adapting to Aquarian influences. One of the most common concepts put forth today about leadership is the focus on fostering team work and healthy group dynamics. Leaders are also being encouraged to develop sensitivity to the spirit of the group they lead, ensuring it reflects the aspiration and purpose of the group and stimulating a shared sense of meaning. More than ever before the groups that caring people join are led by those who have been trained in group skills: with capacities to strengthen networks and build group identity and group purpose. A key part of this purpose being the recognition, by the group themselves, that they’re playing a leadership role in their community’s future.

This could mean that leadership now needs to come from a collective voice. In fact, we are seeing this happen with groups of people beginning to speak out as ONE in presenting new goals, such as the “Me To” movement or the Stoneman Douglas High School students speaking out against gun violence. This type of collective expression is not new, but maybe at this time we will notice that such “visionary groups” can better help shape the changes that are needed in society.

What can you do to help move your community forward? Find a group that reflects what you feel is important and get engaged with their efforts. (This is so easy to do today through social media.) In that way your voice joins a chorus and helps to strengthen the group’s collective message.



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