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It’s Only a Dream

By Katie Ammon

In our Tuesday night dream class at Earthsong, we are recording our dreams and having discussions about what they might mean. We’ve learned that there are several kinds of dreams: some are about everyday life, past events, precognitive dreams giving us a preview of the future, and sometimes just strange images. Since the visions belong to the dreamer, the interpretation of a dream has to come from the person experiencing it, although there can be input from the class. We hold conversations about the symbolism, ideas, and archetypes of dreams to gain more insight into our own lives. Next, as examples, I will explain the different types of dreams I’ve experienced and how I interpreted them.

In the first type of dream I had, I kept seeing hands pulling out different varieties of weeds. This was after I spent most of the day weeding flower beds. This dream may have been my mind repeating the events of the day or it could be that I need to weed some things out of my life.

For me an instance of dreams of the past was dreams about cruising around in my car with one of my friends. We were looking for book stores, restaurants and interesting places to go. This was what we did when we got together, until she retired to Texas. After that she called a couple of times a year and usually reminisced about her old relationships. The last time I heard from her, she asked me if she should start a relationship with some man she met. I told her it sounded like a good idea and she suddenly got angry and hung up. I wondered what that was about. Then few days ago, I dreamed of being at a party. Everyone was really happy and enjoying themselves, until she showed up spewing anger and wearing a lot of makeup on her face. As I pondered on the dream I realized that as long as I had known her, she wore a mask to cover her fear of making any commitments in this world. Also she may have some anger at not having the courage to try to reach her goals in life. The realization finally dawned on me that I never saw her deeper levels, only the superficial that was shown to the world.

In my precognitive dream I was doing mundane housework and I heard my husband ranting and raving. Then I saw him tearing at his clothes and running towards me and yelling that the bees were chasing him. It actually happened a few months later: I was making cookies with my daughter and heard a ruckus outside. I made the comment to my daughter that I wondered what her dad had got into now. He came stomping through the screen door and was pulling his clothes off, while panting, “Bees! Bees in my clothes!” I really wanted to say something but was too amazed, thinking I was watching a rerun. The only message here was a warning, which wasn’t heeded.

Another dream, in early May, was interesting and strange. In the dream, dressed in a lab coat, I entered into a laboratory and said, “It’s time to hatch those eggs.” I felt curious as I turned to look at the eggs. The laboratory had two levels and two of the eggs were on the lower level and one was in a loft area. The three eggs were in pouches about three feet long and two feet high. They looked like large plastic bags filled with a milky substance, but the contents were not visible. They were anchored by large metal clamps at each end. Three people were attending each egg. The lab workers easily opened the first two eggs. They chattered happily about how perfect the first two yolks were. They removed them to another area for further development.

The third egg was difficult to open. I knew we had given it extra nutrients to make it stronger but wondered why the sac had become so fibrous. After a bit of a struggle, we got the egg open. The workers were all excited because something odd had occurred. Examining the egg I found hundreds of tiny yolks instead of a large one. It reminded me of a constellation. I was making a decision about whether to send the contents on for further development or not when I woke up. The lab seems to be my mind with a higher mind (loft) and lower mind. There I created new ideas (eggs). There is a need to develop the ideas further on the lower level, while there is more information (small yolks) or ideas developing in the higher mind.

While investigating and analyzing my own dreams, I realized they were giving me messages about my life. The first one told me I may need to “weed” out unneeded stuff in my life, which I am slowly doing. The second dream showed me to not take things at “face value” but to probe deeper and understand that nothing is ever what it seems to be. I am not sure what the bee dream means beyond a warning. It might have been wise to tell my husband about the premonition dream before it came true but he probably would have said it was just a dream. The last dream in the laboratory was about creating, testing, experimenting, or exploring a new form of life “eggs”. Two of the ideas are in the development stage and the other seems to be like starlight which is more potent but coming from a higher source. It will be interesting to see if that dream reoccurs and what develops from it. In the meantime, happy dreaming.


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