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New Age = New Thought

By Frank Conerton

In the last issue, I wrote about the need for new thought and understanding if we are to accept new expanded consciousness in the New Age. The example I used is the new paradigm of the universe, that the universe is essentially unfolding and symbiotic. One description might be that spirit unfolds into mind which unfolds into energy and consciousness which becomes matter. Matter unfolds into life and life unfolds into awareness. So human awareness was a potential in life that awaited a required complexity before it could manifest. Life was potential in matter that needed a certain level of complexity before it could manifest. Since everything unfolded from a previous state of potential, then everything must work together symbiotically, which continues the process of unfolding.

How does this new thought affect human beings? Perhaps we first need to look at the idea expressed in the Judeo-Christian bible in Genesis, that human beings have dominion over the world, since they were planted here by some god or an alien colonizer. Human beings, as a separate species, are independent of the Earth. In the new paradigm though, we are a natural outgrowth or unfolding of the life of our planet.

In general, natural life makes niches for more life. In human activity, instead of adding to the network of life, our arrogant dominance is destroying the environment we require to live, the connections to the network of life. Instead of creating the complexity needed for the next level of human evolution, we are busy working towards the destruction of humanity. This rush to destruction is partially based on the idea that we are dominant over and somehow separate from the world and are free to do whatever we want.

It is true in that we do have free will. We can choose to do what we will. But we are part of the network of life on Earth, so our actions have natural immutable consequences with which we will live or die.

The unfolding aspect of the universe also includes the existence of time. Time is simply a measure of a rate of change. In the unfolding world, everything is always changing towards some future state. Time normally flows in one direction. So, we are always born first and then die after some time. We exist in a flow time.

With these ideas about the nature of our world, look at humanity. Our free will means that we are able to see potential alternate choices in the present moment. We are free to then revaluate and choose a new course of action different from our past choices. If we act on the new choice consistently, we actually guide the direction of our own unfolding. We are the creators of our own future experiences.

Using this chain of thought, we can also define humanity’s greatest evil (the reverse of live). Instead of living to grow and expand awareness and consciousness, the evil seeks to hold onto power over other people and things. This is doubly wrong. First, because it seeks to hold a power structure constant even as the natural flow of time strives for change. Secondly, by holding a power structure steady, this evil robs individuals of their free will to choose their own new future. The energy industry is a great example of this idea by actively working to block or delay alternate energy sources.

“What you live with, you learn.

What you learn, you practice.

What you practice, you become.

What you become has consequences.”

These lines are by Earnie Larsen in “Stage II Recovery, Life Beyond Addiction.” I would add one line. We experience these consequences as our life.


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