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Spiritual Core Ingredients

By Janet Zimborski

Are you intent on developing a Spiritual Core, (becoming one with your higher Self/Soul)? Consciously or unconsciously one’s intent is the driving force (or lack of it) behind all that is created in one’s life. If we as an individual don’t set our intent, the ancestral or family patterns will be the unconscious driving force or motivation. Is it time to claim freedom from reactive, programmed, habitual, and limited thinking and unhealed emotions? Our present paradigm of “if it can’t be proven it isn’t real” has timed out and expired. Will your innate “power of life” be run, controlled, and operated by a source outside of “you” or “will” it come from your inner wise one’s voice, inspiration, and nurturing? Amazing as it sounds, we are each here as an extension of the One Source, Infinite Being, or Creator if you prefer. We each carry a piece of the puzzle from home. Where’s the proof? The proof is within the development of, and relationship to the Spiritual Core. Don’t worry; science will catch up. Until then, know that Spirituality is a subjective experience, and not anything you can prove to one outside of yourself.

What fuels or motivates any of us to look at life from a different angle, a new perspective? Most of us do not seek a better way of being in this world until a painful, and/or traumatic experience occurs in our life. It’s then that I remember Albert Einstein’s quote, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created it.” So it is, when I feel I am being squeezed to make a change, I stop what I am doing and seek out a resource for either knowledge or wisdom. Knowledge is information and Wisdom is applied knowledge in an experience. It seems once we experience and apply knowledge towards life’s lessons, it is felt, acknowledged, and respected. We can then go on to teach it with a higher level of understanding.

Hydration: If water makes up the greatest part of our physical body, with the brain and heart composed of about 73% water and lungs about 83%, then how is it that we are not aware of how important it is to drink a sufficient amount of water? Who is responsible to bring us out of inertia and teach us how to care for ourselves again? Wild life has lost this organic connection to Spirit. Did we Humans? Water is what moves in the nutrients, flushes out waste and helps the blood to maintain a healthy circulation. I realize this description is a very elementary description; it is primarily meant to inspire common sense thinking and not to teach science class. Anyone notice what happens to a plant without water? Too little and it begins to dry up, too much and it begins to go limp. In both conditions, if not corrected soon, the plant dies. Our brain will not function at its highest and greatest good without proper hydration. How can we train our brain to work well without a decent amount of water? Why is this not the first thing we are taught as small children? I’ve consulted with many clients that refuse to drink much, if any, water because it’s inconvenient to stop what they are doing for bathroom breaks. Some work in environments that do not even allow for them to take restroom breaks. I wonder how different life would be if we took that same approach and attitude with our bathing or showering. You can find a great book titled “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, written by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., on water consumption and how many of our dis-eases are caused by dehydration. Would you like to lose weight, or reduce inflammation in the body, or even just focus better? If you can change one thing in your life this is likely the first and most important step to take. You will have to do some research as to how much water and what kind is best for you; there is no one size fits all.

On a more Spiritual note, water took on more significance for me than just the consumption of it. A new way of thinking evolved out of another book I read, “Love Thyself” by Masaru Emoto. He wrote three books on the extensive research he did on water samples from bottles that were labeled with words such as love, joy, despair etc. and water before and after crowds of people prayed over them. He froze the water and with a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA) he could take frozen water-crystal photographs. This would allow him to make visible, the energy frequencies that exist in this world from each unique sample. This book contains many remarkable photographs of water crystals in beautiful patterns showing the frequency of the word or words used on it. Yes words carry energy frequencies too. It is Masaru Emoto’s work that showed me the importance of loving ourselves, respecting ourselves and shining with high-spirited vibrations full of love, which will enfold our entire planet and make lasting changes for all generations to come. His work is proof that water has memory and communicates. It resonates with what you put out. All that is spoken, thought, and felt within your body and mind will impact your health and your life for better or for worse. It’s Important to clear any negative emotions. Lastly, keep in mind water is the conductor for electric (spiritual) energy, thus allowing vital life force to circulate unimpeded throughout the physical body. It is of paramount importance.

After reading and understanding the importance of abundant, clean water for all forms of life, are you beginning to wonder yet why it is not protected from all forms of pollution? Why is it that there are still humans on this planet without free, clean, running and abundant water?


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