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By Dale Lucht


Most of you probably do not remember “Old Time Radio”. Many of our early TV shows were originated on the radio. Soap Operas like Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow transitioned into TV Soaps. At nighttime there were music shows and comedy shows such as The Jack Benny Show, The Burns and Allen Show and The Red Skelton Show. Because of the time differences between the coasts, many of these shows were ‘taped’, and we can now listen to those collections that were preserved. I enjoy listening to those old comedies, but also the old detective and adventure shows, such as Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, The Green Hornet and The Shadow.

The Shadow ran on the radio from 1939 to 1954. Who can forget the Shadow’s question and answer beginning, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows!” The other day, while listening to the Shadow CD’S I thought about Donald Trump. It is hard to figure out what Trump is thinking, and why is he thinking what he is thinking, or is he thinking at all? Or is it just one tremendous chaotic mess in his cranium? Could the Shadow know what is in Trump’s mind? As a young man Lamont Cranston, aka The Shadow, while traveling in the orient, learned the power to cloud men’s minds. That is how he fights crime; people don’t see him. Did Mr. Trump learn similar powers while studying at his military school, or at the foot of his mentor Roy Cohn? Roy Cohn was Joe McCarthy’s henchman during the McCarthy hearings. Did Donald Trump’s conniving, pestering, lying, and bullying cloud men’s minds; or did people give in to him just to get rid of him? The Shadow worked for the good of society: Mr. Trump works for the good of Donald Trump.

As an accidental president, Mr. Trump is alienating our friends and trading partners. Trump is kissing up to nations that were our enemies. I’m thinking especially of Russia. It is evident that Russia influenced our election process and probably influenced enough low information voters to elect Donald Trump as President. I guess that’s why Trump is thankful to Russia.

Recently Mr. Trump attended the G7 summit in Canada, where he angered the other countries and embarrassed America. Before he left the United States Trump said that Russia should be asked back to the group. Russia was removed from the then G8 because of their annexation of Crimea. Russia still holds the Crimean Peninsula. Russia’s GNP is less than Italy’s. If any country should be invited in, it should probably be China. China’s GNP is 7 times larger than Russia’s. Mr. Trump should worry about the U.S. being kicked out of the G7. Instead Trump’s trade policies have offended our trading partners. The tariffs that he is trying to impose on other countries may backfire. When the other countries put tariffs on our products our economy may go into a tailspin. The Great Negotiator title is in his own mind, like World’s Greatest Lover, and Time’s Man of the Year, and Nobel Prize Winner.

Trump does remind me of a man in history. His name was Alcibiades, and he was born in Athens in 450 BCE. He was a manipulator, a side-switcher, a spy, a traitor, and a general. Well it’s not a total match, because we all know that Trump was too much of a chicken to actually serve in the military. Plutarch says that of all Alcibiades’ character flaws, the worst one was his ruthless ambition and desire for superiority over others. In 412 BCE he intervened in peace negotiations between Athens and Sparta, in effect destroying the peace. He then switched allegiance to Sparta. Alcibiades encouraged Spartans to build a couple of forts near Athens. Sparta pretty much dominated Athens from then on. However Alcibiades liked chaos and women and it was believed that he was the one who impregnated the ruler’s wife and he then fled to Persia. He also betrayed Persia. This is a short history of Alcibiades’ life; he was accepted by and then betrayed Athens, Sparta and Persia several times. His self-serving reminds me of Trump: the only loyalty he possesses is to himself. Congress should be able to a put a stop to his extremes. Congress is controlled by the Republican Party and these Republicans do not represent Americans, they represent the Party. Gone are the fiscally conservative, morally upstanding and law-abiding Republicans. Instead of upstanding veterans, we have chicken hawks. You remember them from the Vietnam War Era, the people who supported the war, but wouldn’t serve themselves. We have an ethically challenged Cabinet Secretary like Scott Pruitt, a toady like Mike Pence, and, as he admitted to on the “Access Hollywood” tape, a sexual predator as President. The comic Yakov Smirnoff used to say, “What a Country!”

Are we ever going to turn the corner and swing back to sanity in our country? I hope so. Become aware, follow the legitimate news, and vote. Our primary election will be August 14 in Wisconsin. Prepare yourself and vote. Let’s really get rid of this swamp, the swamp that Trump promised to get rid of, but has become more polluted by toxic waste. The Shadow had another catchphrase, “The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit.” Will there be a reckoning?

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