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Donald J. Trump *

By Dale Lucht

I put his name with an asterisk, because I think that is the way he will be remembered in the history books-an incidental and accidental President who committed high crimes and misdemeanors to attain his position. I believe that he asked for and received help from Russia and willingly became rash-Putin’s puppet.

I don’t believe that Trump will finish his term. When Mueller’s investigation is revealed, Trump will resign. Mr. Trump is a bully, and we all know that most bullies are cowards. Rather than fight Congress on impeachment, he’ll quit. Donald Trump had 5 deferments during the Vietnam War Era. Trump had said that his own private war was not getting STD’s. Come on, now, women, your standards were really that low? Where were you all when I was looking?

Trump is nothing but a con man, a poor carnival barker, a game show host, who only cares about his ratings. “Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” – Andre’ Malraux. Either Trump is hiding a lot or there is nothing there.

But what is with the Republicans? Have they lost all moral direction? Do they bow to the altar of the Almighty Dollar? The Prime Directive of Congress is not to obey the constitution, and not to represent their constituents, but to get reelected. Perhaps we as voters should never vote for an incumbent, only give them one term in office, maybe then they would start doing their job.

Republicans say that they have gotten so much from Trump. He has relaxed regulations, but will they drink the water in Flint or Detroit? He has put forward a slew of conservative activist judges, and they have been confirmed. Will Roe vs. Wade be changed, will birth control become illegal, will affirmative action be eliminated, and will your voting rights be eliminated? These are all freedoms that will be attacked.

Thanks to Trump a massive tax cut was passed. I paid more in taxes this year. How about you? The super-rich and corporations got tax breaks, and now we’re looking at a blooming deficit. What is Congress answer to this? They want to reduce Social Security and Medicare. What did corporate America do with their windfall? They bought back huge amounts of stock, gave their exec’s large bonuses and pretty much ignored their workers. I saw one report that said wages have gone up 2.7 per cent, but the cost of living has risen 2.9 per cent. This can’t continue.

We may soon have a Constitutional Crisis, if Trump fights a Mueller subpoena. I don’t think he could win, but if he stacked the court with enough faux judges he could. Then how do we fight? Hopefully we can still vote, and Election Day is Nov. 6. Vote. Your future depends on it. In December 1776, Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls, the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” We have to get balance back in to congress. We can’t have Trump’s cadre of charlatans, cowards and crooks run roughshod over our country. It is time to neuter them and throw them on the trash heap of history. And list them with an asterisk.

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