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Is  EQ  the New IQ?

By Doris Deits

One of the first books I remember reading after I made the decision to plunge down my path for spiritual betterment was Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence (1996).  It was one of the first books of its kind to put forward the notion that a person’s emotional intelligence, or EI, was in fact more important and a better measure of one’s success in life than their IQ.

It seems that the rest of the world may be starting to agree with this idea. EQ (Emotional Quotient) or EI may be the new IQ.

Wikipedia defines EQ as the ‘capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).’

Since 1996 there has been a growing body of evidence that shows teaching emotional intelligence to young children results in better coping skills, social skills, cooperation and leadership skills that will serve them the rest of their lives. As a result, many schools are starting to add EI training to their curriculum.

Good Morning America recently featured Emotional ABC’s, which is an award-winning program (2013, 2014) that teaches children social and emotional skills. According to the website, children can learn to identify what they are feeling, why they are having that emotion and how to make better choices. As the child progresses with the program, they continue to build a greater awareness through more advanced techniques.

Hmm, sounds like a dream! Little humans who can understand ‘emotions’ and learn how to work with them instead of allowing them to explode into she-devil tantrums and he-monster meltdowns? At last!

I know what everyone is thinking right now. Could adults benefit from this EQ thing as well?! I’m afraid so, people.

On Face the Nation, journalist John Dickerson discussed the importance for a President to have EQ.  John explained that a recent tweet from President Trump had suggested comparing IQs with Rex Tillerson. This tweet was in response to disputed reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called the President a moron.

But according to Dickerson ‘an IQ test isn’t the test we want a President to ace. The better measure of Presidential greatness is emotional intelligence–EQ as it is called–the ability to understand and regulate your emotions and read the emotions of those around you.’

Interestingly, in my study of energy the vast majority of one’s time is devoted to understanding their own physical and emotional nature. This is due to the fact that humans have invested so heavily into the importance of their own emotions, valuing emotions above common sense.

Humanity has been making decisions based on emotions, likes and dislikes (rather than rational thought or common sense) for thousands of years. We often vote based on whether we ‘like’ someone rather than their qualifications.

Emotions are often illogical and not in our best interest but because they are so potent we believe they must be important. Understanding one’s emotions and putting them in the proper perspective is the goal of many a spiritual student, and takes years of practice to master.

Our emotions pull at us, they push and amplify, they’re up and down like a roller coaster until we are exhausted and spent. Emotions can build and blow up, causing one to behave in a way they later regret.

I believe we can all benefit from a little (or a lot) of EQ training. This new awareness and growing acceptance of the value of emotional intelligence is an indicator that our consciousness is shifting and encouraging us to redefine what’s important to us as a society. It is this change in perspective that will help usher Humanity into the New Age energies, which are about group goodwill, cooperation and shared power.

I believe that the more we explore the concept of emotional intelligence, the greater our awareness becomes, and eventually it can lead humanity towards the conclusion that each human has equal value, and potentially eliminate all perceptions of superiority and prejudice based on race, sex, wealth, religion or social status.

This lack of judgment against anyone is not easy, nor is it natural to the human condition. Equality is a higher spiritual value, but one worth pursuing. Developing emotional intelligence could very well be our first baby steps.

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