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By Michael Strelcheck

How much stress can a person take? Maybe it’s me, but there seems to be an ever increasing sense of anxiety to life! Everywhere one looks there can be found a quiet desperation arising, that’s underscoring even the most basic activities of living. This fact seems to be having a growing effect on our society, pushing everyone into an uncomfortable place. As we all know, stress instinctively causes people to feel threatened and to react in defensive ways, which physically wears them down.

Just the other day I stopped by my local grocery to pick up a few basic necessities. The same old family-owned store that I’d frequented for many years. I’d hadn’t been by for a few weeks and when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a large crane truck putting up a new sign on the building? In a hurry, I didn’t really think twice about it and went about my task, running quickly by the truck. But, as the sliding glass doors opened before me, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. Immediately I felt a sense of panic rising in my body and, gathering my wits about me, I came to realize that the interior of the store had been magically transformed, remodeled! In that moment I felt totally isolated, alone and unsure of what to do next, for everything felt unfamiliar (funny how when a person is surprised their thought process freezes).  Having been anxiety prone as a child, the palpable sense of that state returning caused me to start shallow breathing, which didn’t help. Wrestling with my emotions, I mentally tried to regain control of my situation. Fortunately I recalled a simple thing I learned to do as a child whenever a panic attack struck – concentrate on taking a deep breath!

Surprisingly, this simple act, to breathe deeply, alleviates stress in the body and allows a person to mentally gain control of their life. Perhaps that’s something that everyone can do right now in order to feel safer and more grounded.

According to science, the Earth has an electro-magnetic energy that encompasses all things within its nature. This magnetic energy creates an invisible connecting grid that all living things hook on to or plug into. This electronic power system vibrates continuously creating a resonance (or osculating electrical current) known as the Schumann Resonance vibrating at roughly 7.2 cycles a second.

Importantly, science tells us that this field has the same resonance as the human heart and brain. This means that we are naturally linked to the Earth’s energy. Stress in the body can cause its organs to accelerate beyond this natural resonance causing a person to feel disconnected and isolated within themselves – which is an unnatural state for the body! This can happen when the body feels threatened, consequently creating adrenalin in its system in order to take some type of instinctive defensive action (known as the flight or fight response). This accelerated state should only last a short while (until the sensed threat has ended) allowing the body to then fall back into the Earth’s natural rhythm. But, with our ability today to connect via the internet and media outlets, our minds are being constantly bombarded by negative news that’s “scaring” our psyche. This news drives a person’s mind and heart away from the grounding and calming rhythm of the Earth, which can be one of the major causes for the pessimism or growing desperation we sense in our communities.

The simple act of breathing more deeply slows the body’s accelerated vibration allowing it to regain connection with the Earth – thus it immediately feels safer. Perhaps everyone, everywhere, should call a time-out! Take a moment to turn away from all the negative chatter in society and just focus on taking a few deep breaths!  This would help everyone calm down and give their brain a chance to ground itself and reconnect to its normal “common sense.” Maybe things aren’t as desperate as they seem.

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