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A Sign of the Times

By Dianne Witte

I think we’ve got it! How encouraging it was to see the numbers of women elected to Congress in this election cycle.

I see this coming about as a reflection of women taking their power, rather than wallowing in their anger or victimization. I can’t know what each person involved in those campaigns thinks, or why they were motivated to run, but to me it is a sign that we are no longer going to be subjected to the power, criticism and ridicule of old white men, so obvious at the recent hearings for Supreme Court Justice and revelations of the #MeToo movement.

Women have long repressed secrets of abuse-verbal, mental and physical. To me the midterm results symbolize the transformation of anger and shame into a passion for change, recognition, justice and equality. This is just a big “Atta girl” for everyone involved in that, from the office seekers, to their supporters, to those who voted for them. In fact, I support every man, woman and child who takes their power to make this a better world.


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