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Are You Listening?

By Janet Zimborski

When I look around at the disruptions taking place all over the world, I wonder how many people are listening with a keen awareness to the direction of the Higher Self/Soul? It’s unlikely you were taught the value of your inner connection to Soul Voice, let alone how to interpret what you are receiving. Soul is located in the nonlinear where there is no use for words. Much of what a person receives in the early stages of developing the awareness are pictures, signs, and/or symbols at first.

With the whole world experiencing disruptions and chaos daily now, it is wise to be connected to your Soul’s inner wisdom. Your Soul can help you be in the right place at the right time, and “know” what is for your highest and greatest good, and also warn you of impending danger. I have been ever grateful many times for the inner connection. Many years ago, as I was watching one of my children’s Christmas sings at school, I was “prompted” to go home immediately, as my house was in danger of burning down. I left the sing and made it home to find I left cocoa butter melting on the stove. It was now in flames about 8 inches high and just inches away from the window curtain. This would turn out to be one of the least important of times I was aided in life. However, I am forever grateful every single time I am aided.

There are so many instances I was able to understand that I otherwise would not have. The most difficult thing about telepathy is learning to trust it. We have no one telling us about their experiences with it, but instead influential people (scientists) stating it can’t be proven, so therefore it isn’t real. When in fact, it can be proven to yourself, once experienced, and is best taught by one who has also.

A real turning point for me was when I began asking myself questions and an answer followed it right up. I remember the day, it was about 20 years ago. I was working and I felt like I just couldn’t “steer” my life in the direction I wanted it to go and wondered how I could improve. What mattered most? The word “intention” came across. Now, I know this to be true. Focus on what you want to grow bigger in your life, but look at your underlying intentions. This is what makes or breaks what you are trying to create. You will not be very pleased with what you create if your intentions are not aligned with your integrity. Always check in with yourself to see what your motives are. Once you practice this, you’ll also start to “pick up” on the motives of the people around you.

If you would like to try an experiment and you have a young child or grandchildren, when they are not looking at you send them a message and watch them turn around and look at you. I have many grandchildren and they are masters at “picking up” messages, as are your pets. This I learned firsthand. Back when my grandchildren were little, they were outside playing. I happened to look out and I didn’t like what I saw and was going to get their attention by rapping on the window, but before I could they both turned around and looked at me, dropping whatever it was they had.

Again, that wasn’t an isolated incident and happens many times. It is what helped me to watch my thoughts and make sure they were as uplifting as they could be. You can also try that with plants. Teachers often do an experiment with the kids using two different plants. One they are negatively sending messages and the other love and kindness. Guess which one doesn’t ever grow and gets quite sickly looking. Incidentally, my plants thrive like crazy in my garden. Everyone who has seen it remarks on how much they must love it where they are. They grow beyond what is expected. You can really have some fun with this.

So now I wonder if you are listening to the wisdom being impulsed to you? Our world is in upheavals and transitions. Every day, there are stories in the news of chaos and disruptions. The two I want to point out are the weather anomalies and fires going on around the world. They are very sad and heartbreaking. I feel like many of us humans are getting messages and are not used to discerning the difference between thoughts you think and wisdom coming from your higher Self.

The Soul, from my experience, many times uses words I have never heard of and have to look them up. Please do look up words you are not familiar with if you feel moved to do so. Soul is peaceful and compassionate in “tone”. Most likely you are not going to hear this out loud, but it is sent telepathically. You will never get a message from Soul that is destructive, hateful, critical, or disturbing, cold, or uncaring. Soul is wise, loving, and unobtrusive.

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