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By Mary Summerbell

As chaos and confusion reign,

With tweets and leaks and lies,

Followed by spectacular feats of

Manipulation, deception and deceit –


While democracy verges on collapse

Republicans and Democrats

Continue to spat on this and that

Amidst the myriad distractions.


What can we do?

As dams crack and roads

erode and bridges fall –

Let’s build a wall,

build a wall, build a wall –

to keep out all that threatens

our safety and security.


On the news, day and night,

Stories flash, so many, so fast –

Feeding our fear and anxiety,

Trying to sort delusion from fact,


Desperately pursuing truth

Among the contradictory views

While we still see through

Bubbles of previous beliefs.


Who can we listen to?

Promises of jobs, health care,

cheap, for all, have given way

To insulting enemies and friends…

Muslim, I mean “travel” bans,


Deportations, accusations,


Conflict and unpredictability.

Hanky-panky with the Russians?

Maybe. Only uncertainty for sure.


Where do we go from here?

Let’s build a wall, a wall, a wall

That protects us all from danger –

Every threat of it

Oh. Except what lies within.

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