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By Lee Ann Fagan Dzelzkalns

It is the midpoint of opposites,

That we gain perspective to view

Our life as a vision of wholeness,

That is peaceful, healthy and new.


Through the principle of duality,

Can we truly come to learn

The creativeness in our reality,

As we teeter, totter and turn.


The midpoint of opposites is balance,

As we search in the to and fro.

Engaging in life’s mystical dance,

To embrace what our spirits truly know.


It is not in the either-or thought,

Nor the neither-this-nor-that thinking,

That we experience the space of neutrality

Creating upliftment, keeping us from sinking.


You will find in this space of freedom

A life crystallized in clarity and bliss,

To discover the gentle balance of life from

Unfoldment of wholeness, which is neither

that nor this.

    From “View from the Mountaintop”

            a Journey Into Wholeness

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