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Trump Tedium!

By Dale Lucht

I laid off on Mr. Trump in the last issue, not just because of the death of President Bush, but I have ‘Trump Tedium’. I am so sick of him; I keep hoping that I’m having a bad dream and I’ll wake up one morning and he has changed and has become a legitimate president. I can think of a few L words to describe Trump and Liar tops the list. During his tenure, according to the fact checkers, he has told over 10,000 lies. That averages out to more than 10 a day. It didn’t just start with the lies about the crowd at his inauguration. He has a real problem with inflating numbers. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, testified before Congress that Trump would inflate his net worth on loan applications. Donald Trump follows the dictum of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist: “When one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it”. Did he then deflate his net worth when it came to paying taxes?

Mr. Cohen also testified that during the Vietnam War Donald Trump had four student deferments and one medical deferment for bone spurs. When Cohen asked to see the medical records, Trump told him there weren’t any. Ironically, I took my physical for the draft a month after I fractured my skull, and passed the physical. Cohen’s conversation with Mr. Trump finished with Trump saying, “You think I’m stupid? I’m not going to Vietnam!” This is the man who has the awesome responsibility of sending men and women into battle, as long as it’s not his sons or daughters. This weighs heavily on most Presidents. President Lincoln had the double load of deaths from both the North and the South.

Speaking of the Civil War, the Enrollment Act of 1863 required every male between twenty and forty-five to enroll for conscription. However the drafted citizen could opt out of service by either furnishing a suitable substitute or paying $300. That is about $50,000 in today’s money. Which option do you think Trump would have chosen? I believe he would have provided a substitute, promising him everything and then short-changing him. After all, that’s just good business.

Trump has a long history of short-changing contractors, from plumbers, cabinet makers, drapery makers, even to his own chauffeur who was refused overtime pay. But Trump doesn’t have any trouble spending our tax money. That’s the thing about many rich people, they believe that they don’t have to pay full price, that they are entitled to using their clout to get what they want. That makes them good businessmen and business- women. In my opinion that makes them “Losers”.

Remember in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book “The Scarlet Letter”, Hester Prynne had to wear a big “A” embroidered on her dress, so everyone knew she was an adulterer? That is what I think Donald Trump should have embroidered on his overlong ties-not an “A” for adulterer, which would also fit, but a big “L” for “Loser” or “Liar”.  But I think loser is more fitting because in my opinion Trump, as a human being, is a big loser.

I do have a dream. A wish that Mr. Trump will wake up one day, and realize the damage he has done. He doesn’t have to do much to rectify the problems he has caused; just don’t run in 2020. He doesn’t have an ideology, so not running would allow him to cut loose from his base and let them support some other misanthropic candidate. This might even save the Republican Party we remember. I believe some of the investigations would end, especially if President Trump would clean house, fire his kin, and hire legitimate and honest replacements. People who truly care and work for what is best for all Americans. I can dream can’t I?  

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