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Uranus Brings Rebirth

By Doris Deits

Astrological events are believed by many to have significant impact on the human psyche, which includes our emotions and perspectives. A very strong case could be made that this is indeed true based on the events of the last several months.

In 2018, the planet Uranus left Aries and entered the astrological sign of Taurus. A very big deal, as this combo is expected to bring big changes that will remake our world – a tall order. Don’t forget that this includes our personal lives and experiences as well. Otherwise there would be no Cosmic humor.

Without getting too technical, Uranus went retrograde (i.e., moved back into Aries) last November. Retrograde is a time of inner change in response to outer changes, and is often understood as a period of time with little or no forward movement.

Nobody likes retrogrades because it can suck for those feeling its effect. Nothing seems to go your way during a retrograde. There are constant delays and challenges. And just when you think it’s all going to work out, something else happens to rain on your ‘I almost made it’ parade.

It can be tough to understand why anyone would ever need to experience a retrograde but turns out, they’re super awesome at bringing one’s awareness to new heights. Albeit through a sometimes-painful process.

In my own experience of the last few months, not only did I have my share of delays, but I also noticed a rapid increase of the number of people in my life who wanted to place their unhappiness onto my shoulders for resolution.

Strangely, my automatic defense system of complete arrogance and a firm belief that other people are always the problem, failed to shield me as it had in the past. I should have marveled at people’s confidence in me to perform miracles with the mere wave of my hand, but instead I fell into an abyss of icky feelings.

I couldn’t stop wondering if there really was something wrong with me, or was it them as I should have suspected in the first place.

As I contemplated both sides, I realized it didn’t matter. I ended up in the same suffocating pit of despair. I couldn’t convince anyone they were wrong and I couldn’t tolerate listening as they vigorously tried to convince me of my failure to meet their very basic, logical and might I add humble expectations. There were days I felt that I just couldn’t go on.

No surprise, I was experiencing my own version of Uranus retrograde. This was my inner change in response to outer stuff and it was not much fun. Most of my peers were having similar experiences as well. We all felt a deep sense of giving up.

As this retrograde was holding me in my own pot of isolation and despair, I eventually realized it was helping me understand something about myself that was previously hidden from my conscious awareness. It wasn’t pretty, but it helped put me into a reflective state of mind that allowed me to let go of a negative perception and reach for something better.

It reminded me of what Elijah Cummings recently said in his closing statements at the Cohen hearing; that unpleasant things happen for us, not to us. This is great advice to keep in mind whenever challenges come-a-calling.

Taking a broader perspective, it’s not difficult to see this retrograde influence on our political system over the last few months. The government shut-down lasted a painfully long time where things were stagnant and under pressure. Yet something important was revealed in that situation.

Even the weather seemed to be in a holding pattern of polar vortexes that affected the whole country. I think the message ‘global warming is real, tick-tock people’ came through loud and clear.

But thank goodness, all retrogrades must come to an end. Uranus left Aries and re-entered Taurus on March 6th. Many of us breathed a welcomed sigh of relief as we ponder over our new understandings.

Now the real fun begins.

Looking ahead, Uranus and Taurus will be bringing the thunder of big changes that will help us remake our world. The next seven years are expected to be a very exciting time for humanity and the planet.

We all get to be a part of these amazing changes by using the magic of our thoughts and imagination to help shape our future world. Using our thoughts to build a better future is much more productive than thrashing over the hurts of our past. If we don’t choose our future, something else will.

‘What can we do differently to make things better?’ is a question we can apply to almost any aspect of our lives whether it be personal, family, relationships, jobs, communities or governments. We all want better, we can all do better.

Uranus is bringing change, so let’s show this planet the changes we want to see. Let’s envision a beautiful, cooperative and caring world together. Bring it on Uranus!

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