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Contradiction, Tension, Satisfaction

By Mary Summerbell

Can you feel it? Constant, sometimes oh-so-subtle, then “Oh!” not-so-subtle pressure, inside and outside your body. At times intensifying beyond discomfort to real pain – mental, emotional and/or physical. Bouts of brain fog followed by the sudden gust of a great idea. Quirky memory lapses scattered with flashes of insight. Cycles of confusion, clarity, anxiety, peace. Mood swings by the minute, hour, or days. A distorted sense of time and space, stretching way out, then snapping back as we realize, too late, that a planned event fell completely out of our head. Spurts of incredible energy followed by emergency naps for almost-falling-down fatigue. Restless, distracted, difficulty rejuvenating. We’re seeing things that aren’t there and not seeing things that are. Questions, confusion and doubts abound.

What is this? Have we all fallen into a collective Salvador Dali reality? Tripped into some kind of metaphysical twilight zone? Well, maybe. But I don’t think so. Barring the possibility that some of us of certain years may actually be slipping into as-yet-undiagnosed medical conditions, I’d say that these shared symptoms are all just indications that we are sensitive to, and feeling the effects of, the new astrological age of our planet. We are in the final, stressful, inspirational, and slightly crazy stages of Earth’s transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. 

What does this mean? It means we are currently under the influence of incredibly powerful astrological forces that are shifting with an intensity that only happens on the cusp of this change of ages. All heavenly bodies in the Universe are always affected by each other as they move through space. As are our bodies. The Earth’s ages are determined by more or less predictable cycles of moving into and out of the influences of the twelve signs of our Zodiac, as we also rotate through the quadrants of our galaxy. The planetary, and personal, pressures are the greatest, and we feel them the most, at points of transition. Astrologers lack consensus on how long the cycles are and exactly when they change, but it’s thousands of years per cycle. And the cycles extend into each other, can overlap and intertwine for centuries. So change is constant and incremental, but not necessarily smooth or consistent. It can be a herky-jerky thing. And that’s what we’re feeling – the bumpy buggy unevenness of it all. 

At the risk of being trite, a truly apt comparison is that the change of ages is a lot like birth. A new life develops – hidden within an old form until, in due time, in it’s own way, it comes forth as a separate entity. But not completely. It is yet dependent on the mother for survival to individuality. And since we’re talkin’ about an astronomical pregnancy of eonic proportions, that means we’ve been in the Aquarian birth canal for at least fifty years! And when those galactic contractions happen we can feel it – all over. It feels like it’s crushing us! Understanding why this tremendous pressure is necessary can help us get through it, give us strength to help make this vital transition as smooth and easy as possible for ourselves, and to lend compassion, spirit and support to all other people and forms, and the planet itself. United effort is best because this vital transition is happening in every expression of life on Earth – etheric, mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms – right down to the very tiniest molecules and atoms. It’s shaking us up, down to our DNA. And every life form must adapt to survive. 

Another, maybe helpful, simile is that changing ages is like changing the kind of gas we put in our car – switching from regular to premium. That’s an obvious improvement for our much-depended-on vehicle. Right? Yes. But. Our car isn’t used to running on this new fuel. The higher octane gas is designed to help our car function more efficiently, but that doesn’t happen all at once. Part of the process of changing over to the better energy is that when it burns – cleaner and brighter than the previous fuel – it clears out, bit by bit, the built-up residue in the engine that accumulated from using the old gas. This gunk, as it travels through the fuel line, can, briefly, partially block the flow of fuel, causing the car to jerk and sputter a little as we’re going down the road. So, too, as our bodies transition from Piscean to Aquarian energy-fuel, metaphysical toxins are stirred up in us so that they can be cleared out. – Not necessarily a pleasant experience. Our bodies, when stressed, crave the old, familiar, ever-diminishing Piscean energy. Finding none, we may feel like we can’t breathe. We can feel like we are, literally, dying.

That’s how deep and intense this astrological transition is. These cosmic forces are causing more than a little havoc on our planet right now. All this pressure is bringing out the best and worst in life on earth, as all forms must adapt to survive. There are so many contradictions of expression as ideological extremes have at it in this galactic event. That’s why we see racial conflict, terrorism, increased gun violence, drug abuse, addictions, suicide, dementia, depression and anxiety side by side with rallying cries for human rights – the “Me, too” Movement, women’s rights, LBGTQ rights, environmental stewardship, alternative healing, and new world servers. Whoa! Hold on! This is our own little Armageddon happenin’ here.

There’s a whole lotta shiftin’ goin’ on. But what, exactly, are we shifting from – and shifting to? And what do we do to cope?

The Piscean Age was about a dominance of hierarchical power. Think kings and queens and monarchies. Dynasties. Tyranny, dictators, despotism. It was about the few ruling over the masses – a ruling, usually rich, elite – even in education and religion. Think pope, cardinals, bishops, priests. It was time of powerful individuals, mostly men, controlling governments, countries, continents of mostly illiterate peasants. Think nepotism, feudalism, slavery. It is an age of strong, individual accomplishment and leadership – an age of the myth of rugged individualism. Think John Wayne.  

Aquarian energy is group energy. It is the sign of the Waterbearer, pouring out redeeming knowledge and wisdom for all who thirst. (Grab a cup or mug!) The Aquarian age is dominated by networks and information. Think cell-phones, computers, Internet, social media. Instant access to real-time information going to and from just about anywhere in the world. Think of it as technology connecting all people in a global consciousness. It is the age of electricity, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, philanthropy, veracity. Also, rebellion. And it is the sign associated with nervous disorders, so that’s where some of the current mayhem comes from. But fear not. Astrologers foretold for millenniums that the Age of Aquarius would be an age of peace, harmony, and new world order. Think hippies. Think Beatles. Think Woodstock. 

The best overall image I can think of to convey the hallmark characteristics of the Aquarian Age is that of a flower sticking out of the muzzle of a soldier’s gun.

So, as we go through this transition together, remember – it’s all about a better world. In tough moments, use all your usual coping techniques – slow, deep breathing, meditation, creative visualization, music, aromatherapy, massage. Drink a glass of water – or wine, or beer.  Take a bath. Have a laugh. Have a cry. Call a friend. You got it. We’re all feelin’ it. The satisfaction comes in hanging on, and helping each other out, and just being here for this incredible event. We are here to witness – and participate in – this absolutely unprecedented shift of human consciousness – from self-centered selfishness and greed to community consciousness and love. WOW! What more could we ask for? What fun! Just open yourself up to this new energy. Let it in, as more and more often, in more and more places and situations, we see more and more people becoming aware and deciding to focus on goals that choose the greater good over personal gain. 

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