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Influx of Light Energy December 21-28, 2019

Good hearted, concerned people throughout the world have been praying for a very long time for relief from humanity’s suffering. Yet we look around and wonder-are our prayers being heard and will they be answered? In the Ageless Wisdom Tradition, we understand that an influx of Light Energy has been flowing to Earth every seven years since 1935. Humanity has to be open to this Light Energy for it to be received. Otherwise, it is in a holding pattern.

In a smaller way, consider that the personality has to be receptive to its Divine Soul’s Light for it to be more and more present. It’s a partnership. We need to reach up and be open. The Divine Soul is always waiting and trying to bring in Light as we are receptive to more of it. So in a similar way these influxes of Light Energy are waiting for humanity to reach up and be open to them. In the Aquarian Age we need to be working in groups in order to be effective receivers of this influx of Light Energy.

The last time this influx happened was in December 2012 and there was a lot of focus at that time. I feel that humanity was starting to take notice. This year there is a solar eclipse and alignment of the sun, moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury & Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn during the week of December 21-28, 2019. Capricorn is associated with spiritual initiation. Many groups throughout the world are planning to gather in meditation at the time of the Winter Solstice and take a moment of silence at the exact time (10:19 PM Central Time December 21).

There is a beautiful You Tube Video about this that you may want to watch. You can find it by going to Youtube.com and search for 2019 World Servers Festival Week. It’s just ten minutes long.

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