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As Souls We Came to Earth

By Arline Rowden ©

Many people, including myself, have wondered: What is the purpose of life? When I started to meditate years ago to deal with stress, I also wondered: Is this all there is to life? Questioning is part of the crown chakra programming in humans. From the crown we also reach up to connect to the Higher Self, (Divine) Soul and the Divine.

I have been studying the Ageless Wisdom Teachings consistently since 1993 and these teachings have given me answers to so many of my questions about life. We are taught not to just believe what is being taught but to ponder whether or not the answers make sense and if we can relate it to our own life experiences. After moving to Edgerton in 1995, I joined a spiritual study group. It has been extremely beneficial to study with a teacher and with other students.

Our spiritual study group not only meets to study but we gather in the area and throughout Wisconsin, travel to other states and even to Canada to do healing ceremonies. Especially now in the Aquarian Age, we focus on group experiences to be of service in the world. In our ceremonies, we provide a path for astral (emotional) energies to be redeemed by going to the Light. We also anchor points of Light that radiate out in the community where we did the ceremony.

In November 2017, group members were asked to make a statement in a group ceremony. This is what I shared:

“As Souls we came to earth
To bring Light & Healing to all forms
But then we thought we were physical not just energy
And we lost our way

Now we are waking up to who we really are
Divine Souls offering Unity to all Hearts on Earth”

Our physical, emotional and mental energy bodies are made up of the elements from Earth. This is considered the personality-ego which has experienced so much life here on Earth. It seemed that evolution was extremely slow so the planetary logos (Soul) put out a call for higher assistance. The Souls which are our thinking consciousness came in to partner with our personality. The Souls had only been energy and hadn’t experienced the density of physical life. They lost awareness of who they were and began to think they were the personality.

Only a small part of each Soul was able to connect with the personality. The rest of the Soul exists on its own plane of existence. That part worked to reconnect to the part that had lost awareness and will continue to do so until the smaller part is awake. This process moves forward more rapidly if the personality is open to connecting with the Soul more fully. Having the intention to reach up in meditation or contemplation to connect with the Soul makes it easier for it to reach us. In time, the Soul channel (antahkarana) widens so more and more Soul connection happens.

In time, our thinking consciousness will remember why we are here and that we are the Soul not the personality. We’re here to be of service on the earth. The personality needs a certain amount of materiality to survive and thrive here but too much attention has been focused on the material world. Now it’s time to focus more on spirituality, goodwill and what’s best for all involved, not just the individual. Unity, or focusing on how we are the same, and not on our differences, is so important.

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