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Is Our Current Life Story Carried Into Our Next Lifetime?

By Arline Rowden ©

I believe in reincarnation as does a large percentage of other humans throughout the world. It just doesn’t make sense to me that we only live once and spend the rest of eternity floating around in the heavens. And how is a human expected to evolve in just one lifetime? It makes sense to me that we carry forward, from lifetime to lifetime, the progress we’ve made in each life and the issues that we are still trying to work out. It doesn’t seem fair that we would have to start fresh each lifetime and, if that were true, I feel humans might still be living in caves.

Are we more than this personality (ego) expression? Most people believe that we have a Soul that animates us and lives on after our physical expression dies. Many people believe that we are a Soul having an experience here on this planet through our personality. I’ve found many ideas to explore around all of this from the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. It’s been a process to ponder the teachings, decide whether or not I want to accept each of them.

According to these teachings, when the Soul is about to withdraw from the personality at the end of a lifetime, it creates permanent atoms for the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and consciousness levels. Our life, at each of these levels, has been recorded for us. Nothing that has been gained in the lifetime is lost. Therefore, the good news is we don’t start over each lifetime but the bad news is we don’t start fresh each lifetime. The recorded story of our spiritual development and our street smarts, if you will, are not lost. But whatever we haven’t resolved comes forward, too. It’s all part of the life record.

When the Soul incarnates into a new personality the permanent atom for each level is downloaded into the new personality between the ages of 7 and 21 years old. Any progress we have made is carried forward but anything that is unresolved comes forward, too. At the age of 21 we are back to where we were at the end of the last lifetime. When I first heard this information I wondered if it was true. I reflected on my life when I was 21 and found that I had experienced a shift in who I felt I was. When I’ve shared this with others many of them could relate to this. We have our past life history and our blood line history, too.

Unresolved issues show up as unbalanced energy which can draw experiences to us that would provide an opportunity to resolve the issue. Have you ever experienced a similar situation with different people over time? And have you been reactive in those situations? This is an emotional pattern. If you begin to explore what is your part in these situations, I feel you will begin to discover what you need to realize in order to resolve this pattern in your life. The more energy that we bring into balance within us, the more clearly we can see life.

I believe that as a Soul we are here to understand life on this planet and to be of service as this planetary system evolves. There are many questions but slowly we can find answers, too. It’s said that history will repeat itself if we don’t learn from it. Our story is our personal history and having it brought forward from lifetime to lifetime will bring the lessons learned forward, too. Then we don’t have to keep repeating experiences where we have already learned the lesson. Perhaps we should all write out our life story to acknowledge the lessons we have learned. I invite you to give it a try.

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